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    Diablo II Enhanced Edition Mod (Releases 2020)

    Just google diablo II enhancement mod * HD Resolution * Over 200 new skills * Full Mercenary Loadout * Bigger stash, cube and invenotry
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    New diablo fan here, and I have some questions...

    Hello, I'm new to the wonderful world of Diablo, and I've got a few questions for you all today. Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Legacy running the old games before playing the new, and I firmly believe that games are best played on the hardest difficulty on the first go, to...
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    What Diablo 4 could learn from the series

    Hey guys, Just wanted to put down my thoughts on the series as a long time fan. I'm sure D4 is being worked on, and I'm excited at what the possibilities are. I've put together some thoughts in a constructed format on what D4 can learn from the series (mostly D1&2 but I do cover a few topics...