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diablo 2

  1. In the name of Zod

    Is a Diablo 2 remake pure rumour?

    How long have people been talking about a Diablo 2 remake and is there any real evidence that clearly suggests it is being made? I think I may have heard suggestions of it a good while ago (years) but only recently does there seem to be more suggestions popping up that it is a possibility. Is...
  2. Kirito99

    [Build] Martial arts/shadow skill set

    Hey, everyone, it has been a while but I am back to play this awesome game and I was looking to create an assassin build revolved around cobra strike I have used a calculator but any tips would be helpful the skills I have chosen are as follows: Martial arts Power up Tiger strike - 3 Fist of...
  3. D30D0R3

    Ladder reset team (HC Europe)

    Greetings, Anyone up for a small adventure (HC Europe)? The goal would be to complete the walk through in a single day, preferably on this Sunday (June 16). I am opened to all suggestions, ideas, thoughts. My preferred character / build: Any :) Death is not an option! D30D0R3
  4. A

    D2 Scrolls won't open on iMac

    Everything seems to work in my D2 except I can't open Identity or Portal Scroll, or click (right or left) on a potion bottle.
  5. In the name of Zod

    Lengthy David Brevik interview 2019

    Can't get enough of David Brevik talking about Diablo and his early life? There is a new youtube interview by Lord Fluffy.
  6. A

    [MOD RELEASE] Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (Mod) Have FUN!

    Hi all So I have been playing Diablo 2 since it was released, I played Diablo 1 and Diablo 3 also... I love Diablo 2, it is the best RPG/Hack n Slash ever made... So for the longest time I have been hoping Blizzard would make some changes to the game and I waited and waited and nothing ever...
  7. bangbangbunny

    Ned the Necromancer - HC/P8/NoMods/LiveStream!!

    Hello everyone!! I usually use d2jsp.org to find more people within the single player community, idk why I've never thought to post here! I see many threads here about road to 99, and that shows a lot about the people that use this site. Anyways, I've started this necromancer and would love if...
  8. Spongewrench

    Diablo II LOD - Level 84 Barbarian Stuck on Hell Sarcophagus ... Please Advise

    Diablo II LOD - Level 84 Barbarian Stuck on Hell Sarcophagus ... Please Advise That pretty much sums it up. Under the Dry Hills, level 3, a sarcophagus is just cranking them out faster than my character and mercenary can kill them, ... plus, it does not seem to rack up any experience points...
  9. W

    Solo Sorc Skills Progression Help?

    Hey all, I've been leveling a Sorceress in Single Player and was wondering what's the most efficient skill setup as I level? I just hit Normal A5 and I'm at level 25, and its pretty rough. The way I always thought, it was go Charged Bolt until level 13, then respec to 7 Static, 1 Frost Nova, 1...
  10. TG Flashhy

    Firestorm Sorceress

    This is my first build. I’m sure many will have differences in opinions. To those I say, take this build and make it your own. If you think your way is better than by all means I hope you run it better and I congratulate you on finding a more keen build but this is MY preference. I decided to...
  11. Magic Rainbow Elf

    Bought the D2 Battle Chest but it was missing a disc

    As the title says i bought the Diablo 2 battle chest but when i opened the box i found that it contained disc 1, no disc 2 and 2 disc 3s as well as the Lords of Destruction disc, the store i got it from only had the package i got in stock and Diablo is so old now that they aren't bothering to...
  12. WitchDocEndugu

    Blizzball Sorc solo ladder Nov 2017.

    Hello everyone :) I'll make this quick. Is it possible to make it to the ladder with a Blizzball sorc solo? If so, whats your advice on this? All the best.
  13. zDeathManz

    Diablo II - Reaper Of Souls

    Reaper Of Souls Patch Note 5.8 Link: http://bit.ly/2hBypDR ☞General ●New Icon Skill ●New UI & Font ●Max Level 150 ●Max Skill Level 50 ●Fixed Stash and Cube size big ●Create new character ( Town Portal Book + Identify Book + Cube + 1 Giftbox ) ☞Primal Ancient Items ●Ceremonial Javelin Titan’s...
  14. R

    New diablo fan here, and I have some questions...

    Hello, I'm new to the wonderful world of Diablo, and I've got a few questions for you all today. Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Legacy running the old games before playing the new, and I firmly believe that games are best played on the hardest difficulty on the first go, to...
  15. D

    What Diablo 4 could learn from the series

    Hey guys, Just wanted to put down my thoughts on the series as a long time fan. I'm sure D4 is being worked on, and I'm excited at what the possibilities are. I've put together some thoughts in a constructed format on what D4 can learn from the series (mostly D1&2 but I do cover a few topics...