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  1. Luhkoh

    Updated Countess Rune Odds

    Hi all. I have seen countess odds for past versions of the game posted here, but never have seen an update for 1.13b through 1.14d. This is probably because the runes are so bountiful from countess and LK that people either don't care as much about the odds, or just head to LK. But I thought it...
  2. K

    Socketing Low Lv Items Before Upgrading?

    I had a look for this topic but couldn't see an answer. If you want 3 soc elite items, wouldn't it be possible to do the cube recipe on a normal version of the armor in normal or NM, where you can only get 3 sockets (but it will be 2/4 times likely). Then simply upgrade the item, as it retains...