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  1. viable

    Double Swing Barbarian advices needed

    Hi everyone, good day to you all. This is using only DS and maxed synergy of Bash. I really don't like the speed boost of Frenzy (very hard to control and i miss a lot so get hit so much) and will have no point on that. Using 2x Baranar's Star and i want to try Stone Crusher and Schaefer's...
  2. Reloader.XMH

    Trials of Balthazar - The HC Untwinked Pitzerker Journey

    I. Inception Hello everyone, and welcome to the Trials of Balthazar! I've been playing the Diablo franchise since 1999, when I was seven years old. I watched my stepdad fight The Butcher and heard that infamous line - "Mmmm, fresh meat!" - and I instantly knew I absolutely wanted to play...
  3. Luhkoh

    Patriarch Tormund (untwinked) - Zero to ZERKER

    Introduction Should be the last (for now) of my many recent posts, but Tormund is the second completed character of my "untwinked and small stash till patmat" sept. I wanted to get this guy done in time for RFL round 2, and succeeded! Though it remains to be seen if I can gear him adequately to...
  4. Spongewrench

    Diablo II LOD - Level 84 Barbarian Stuck on Hell Sarcophagus ... Please Advise

    Diablo II LOD - Level 84 Barbarian Stuck on Hell Sarcophagus ... Please Advise That pretty much sums it up. Under the Dry Hills, level 3, a sarcophagus is just cranking them out faster than my character and mercenary can kill them, ... plus, it does not seem to rack up any experience points...
  5. S

    How do combat masteries work?

    Can anyone explain to me how the combat masteries work? I know that it says that it increases damage, but what damage does it actually increase? Is it just the physical damage, or is it the total damage of the weapon (physical and any elemental)?
  6. D

    Newcomer, Help me with gear for my Frenzy Barb

    Hello I'm new to D2 and I'm enjoying it. I'm playing solo on 1.12 because I'm using the resolution hack (improvement D2multires). I am a Frenzy Barb (CLVL 78) and I'm hitting a brick wall on HELL act 2. It is surely because of the gear. I like to add that I am playing self found and I am...