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“Druid is one of our strongest classes” says Joe Piepiora

Diablo IV Druid

Is that headline misleading? Apparently not according to Blizzard’s Joe Piepiora who has been on the interview rounds

We may tease HCXanth every week on the Podcast about the Druid but apparently, we’ve ain’t seen nothing yet. Joe explains on Gamestar:

Actually, the druid is one of our strongest classes – at least in our internal tests. However, our players have not yet been able to experience its full potential in previous betas.”

Without a class specialisation in the early game, the Driud should ramp up nicely once those spirit animals come into play. Perhaps we are all in for a treat with the Druid. I know I had hard time with him in the early game in boss fights and resorting to pets to help get the job done.

Also talking to Eurogamer, Joe talks more about the level scaling which has been a hot topic of conversation since the beta.

“We don’t want a part of the game to ever become utterly trivial, such that there’s no reason to return to that place,”

“And when you’re playing in that world, you could play in the Fractured Peaks, you could play in Scosglen, you could choose to go down to the swamps in Hawezar.

“You could choose to go and engage with that when you want,” Piepiora said. “If you think like, I’ve got a really good legendary item I just found, I really like my build, this area is level 32, I’m level 25, I’ll try it – we want to give you the option to try to clear these things early if you want, and you get rewards for doing that. You don’t have to.

“But generally speaking, we want the whole game to feel like it does scale to you.”

On skipping the campaign as an option for players he reiterated:

When you play in a skipped campaign state version of the game, the world is all going to scale to you entirely.

Expect more of these interviews to pop up leading up to release. The hype train is now fully in motion.

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