Heady Vampirism Elixir

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Elixirs are a great way to boost stats and increase the rate at which you earn experience points.

You will need to collect Crafting Materials out in the world from bushes and slaying monsters. You take these materials to the Alchemist who can craft them into usable herbs and then into Elixirs. These processes will also cost you gold.

  • Can have 1 Elixir active at the same time
  • They last 30 minutes and persist through death
  • They affect only you
  • You can have Incense active at the same time
  • Buffs from both your Elixir and Incense can stack but the 5% Experience buff from any Elixir you have active will only stack with the 5% Experience buff from a single Incense.
  • They can be traded with other players
  • Full list of Elixirs

Name Req Description Cost
Heady Vampirism Elixir 100 Heals you for 2% of your Max Health when dealing direct damage and increases Experience by 5% for 30 minutes. Drop only