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Anica's Claim

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Anica's Claim
Anica's Claim
Zone Location: Fractured Peaks
Aspect reward: Stormclaw's Aspect
Aspect Class Suitability Druid

The Anica's Claim dungeon is located in Fractured Peaks and the aspect reward is Stormclaw's Aspect.


"Inhuman hands carved out these dark tunnels."


This Dungeon is inside the Malnok stronghold which must be liberated before this Dungeon is accessible.

Monsters in Dungeon

  • Bleassot Deathtrap Animus Carrier(Elite)
  • Bloated Corpsefiend
  • Bone Warrior
  • Bone Warrior Archer
  • Bone Warrior Corpse Axe
  • Ghallem Rimeclaw Animus Carrier (Elite)
  • Grave Bloated Corpsefiend (Elite)
  • Grave Ice Clan Impaler (Elite)
  • Ice Clan Impaler
  • Ice Clan Shaman
  • Ice Clan Marauder
  • Ice Clan Mauler
  • Lorzak Flareney Animus Carrier (Elite)
  • Mirroring Ice Clan Impaler (Elite)
  • Nightmare Clan Marauder (Elite)
  • Tainted Ice Clan Shaman (Elite)
  • Shambling Corpse
  • Shattering Shamnling Corpse (Elite)
  • Shivering Ice Clan marauder (Elite)
  • Shocking Bone Warrior Archer
  • Shocking Bone Warrior Archer (Elite)
  • Talos Deathtrap (Elite)
  • Snowy Bloated Corpsefiend (Elite)
  • Vravak Shaowtouch Animus Carrier (Elite)
  • Vravak Frostgrip Animus Carrier (Elite)

Video Walkthrough