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For the past few weeks we’ve been working with the team over at the excellent and today we have added their new top builds widget to Diabloii.Net. We will be working closely with them moving forward and I urge you to check the site out if you haven’t already because it is excellent.

Read on for a synopsis of how Diablo3ladder can help you and what data you can find on the site.

The site is currently polling Greater Rift data in an 8 hourly basis and the top builds are generated at the end of each poll making them current and up to date 3 times a day.  The no 1 builds for season 4 are featured in the home page and you can switch to hardcore using the leaderboard tab.

The site fully automate importing and updating of the very top 100 GR players of each class in each server region every 8 hours, and the top 10 builds are based off these top players which means you should get a current and accurate representation of what the very best players are using.  Since we are polling 3 servers, this means a minimum data pool of at least the top 300 heroes for each class and category altogether for softcore and hardcore.

Reading the builds should be relatively simple; we group the build type by skill category and show how many players by percentages are using which rune in each category. Then we get the percentages of how many people use which of the top 5 passives.  The best builds are the one used most by the best players.

Each build has direct links to the top 10 hero character sheets so you can dive in deeper to view their stats and items.  Alternatively, there is a link to show you a full list of all heroes in the database that are using that build – hero names with a star icon are those that have achieved a greater rift ranking; a green star represent being in the top 10 of their region.

The hero stats are unbuffed and are calculated using raw item stats only – making it possible for the site to ladder and make comparisons against other players with similar stats (ie.  “Burst DPS” ladder). The site also uses a complex formula which incorporates many mechanics of the game and this is labeled as “Hero Power” – Hero power makes use of stats like gem levels, paragons, toughness, cooldown and DPS. While it doesn’t use greater rift positions into it’s equation, it’s
nevertheless remarkably adept at picking out the top greater rift players out of the over 1.3 million heroes in the database.

The builds section of the site also encompasses builds on the current nonseason greater rift era as well as other site metrics like Burst DPS and Hero Power.