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Diablo Immortal footage from ChinaJoy

Most of the world is still trying to get back to some sort of normality but in China things are moving a little quicker. The China Joy event is currently underway and Blizzard is in attendance. For Diablo folk there’s a focus on Diablo Immortal and there’s some new footage to check out.

The new trailer features some more gameplay and before you all shout “no gore it skeletons”, it’s China, so the game is censored to some extent. The shows in-game action of all the classes and the tippy-tappy interface. Considering this is on a mobile it doesn’t look too bad.

With Diablo 4 now announced, at least we now know that Immortal wasn’t replacing a new full-blown game so perhaps there might be a little less hostility towards it. That said, as a PC gamer myself, a mobile version of Diablo has about as much appeal as hangover, I am never glued to my phone and it’s not something I use for gaming. There are a lot of people out there that do use their phone for everything and Immortal will probably do pretty well, especially in the Far East.

Diablo Immortal China Joy 2020 Trailer

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