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Diablo and Hellfire discounted in GOG Summer Sale

It’s that time of year again, summer sales are underway and first up it’s the GOG Summer Sale. There’s are discounts on over 3000 games and thankfully there’s a discount on the original Diablo and Hellfire.

Nearly all of you will likely have Diablo and Hellfire but on the off chance you need another copy, they have been discounted on GOG by 15%. Not a huge discount but the total price is still only £6.99.

Elly and I recently revisited the original Diablo for our video series and we’d forgotten how good it was. I would highly recommend anyone who loves the Diablo franchise to give it a replay. It really is that good.

There’s also plenty of other stuff in the GOG Summer Sale that’s worth a look. Can’t beat a good bargain.

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