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Diablo 4 Twitter Q&A Recap – Druid class mechanic revealed

The Druid class mechanic has finally been revealed during the Q&A. Check it out.

Diablo 4 Twitter Q&A Recap - Druid class mechanic revealed

In case you missed the live  Diablo 4 Twitter Q&A earlier today you can catch up by listening to it now. The big news from the session was the reveal of the Druid class mechanic.

It’s been speculated for a while that it would involve spirit animals of some sort and that appears to be the class mechanic. Check out the recap below that explains it all or watch the video we have put together.

Diablo 4 Twitter Q&A Recap

Crossplay which is a yes with full crossplay and full progression.

The Beta will be available in 13 languages, text, and audio. It may not have complete localisation.

Can character customisaion be saved from the beta to release? They like the idea but they suggest taking a screenshot and then setting it up again when the game releases.

Wolf pup questions came next and it is purely cosmetic and does nothing other than that. You can’t pet the pup.

The team was then asked what classes they will play.

The crafting system in the beta will be there but a lot of the systems are not really important in the early game.

The controller had been made to feel comparable to the mouse and keyboard. There’s target lock, move between locked targets. It will try to “smartly” adjust your target lock which is effective for kiting. You don’t need to be locked to an enemy to effectively fight.

You can invite anyone from anywhere in the real world to play with you. You are not region locked in a true sense. The game will place players with lower latency in your in-game world by default but you can invite players from anywhere to join you.

According to Rod, Diablo 4 will be “Return to Darkness”.

Any more info on Lilith? They suggest you play the beta to learn more, even in the early levels of the game. You don’t need to know all the lore, you can play it without knowing anything as things are explained as you play.

Joe explains why the Necromancer is an important class and how it differs from the others.

Co-op communication in beta. There will be text and voice.

What is the druid class mechanic? Joe explained that the Druid is closely aligned with Scosglen.

The Druid will be able to interact with Spirit animals and the spirits will accept boons acquired from enemies. You interact with these spirits and the boons will unlock additional bonuses for the player.

You can only choose one spirit to be aligned with at a time but you can switch them back and forth. You can unlock all the boons for all the spirits eventually. You will be able to choose depending on whatever kind of gameplay you are doing at that moment and choose which spirit you want to be aligned with.

Once they have all been unlocked you get the additional ability to have a bond with one extra spirit so you will have access to five boons instead of four.

To be clear, when you have all the spirits unlocked, you will be able to choose one boon from each spirit and two boons from one of them for a total of five.

The Druid class mechanic will not be in the beta because it’s in Scosglen which makes perfect sense.

Thanks to site visitor RedOctober for making this Diablo 4 Twitter Q&A recap possible. Also, don’t forget to check out the Diablo 4 Wiki for all your Diablo 4 info.

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