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Diablo 4 Streamer Profile: Fame_Regalis

This rising star is on a meteoric trajectory towards fame in Diablo 4.

Fame Battlenet

Welcome to the stream

Fame_Regalis is a Twitch streamer who has a true passion for gaming along with a sizeable number of followers and subscribers. She streams most days of the week for several hours at a time, and her current focus is Diablo 4.

I’ve stopped by her channel a number of times and watched in amazement as she blasts through a high tier Nightmare Dungeon while simultaneously monitoring and promptly responding to her rolling chat scroll. I was curious to know more about what keeps this rising star going at full throttle, and she graciously agreed to share some of her insights about the world of a Diablo 4 streamer.


Rocket fuel

Her encyclopedic knowledge about whatever game she’s playing is continuously on tap throughout her streams, and it fuels her fast-paced and commentative style of interacting with her viewers. In fact, live streaming was the inevitable and intuitive result of her natural mode of gameplay right from the beginning of her online career.

PD: What is the source of your characteristic play-by-play style of live commentary?
FR: “My dad is a gamer, so I was a gamer practically out of the womb. What I do on stream is almost entirely what I do while playing games off stream, with one exception: I vocalize even more of what’s going on in my head. Now that I have the Internet connection for it, I may as well turn a camera on and just do my thing.”

PD: What was one of the most important factors that inspired you to become a streamer?
FR: “It helps expand my gaming community, Vile Nexus, especially, since the core groups have had less and less time to play over the years. It’s much easier to find people to play with and share my hobby while streaming than having to hunt them down on Discord!”


Meteoric rise

It turns out that the Fame_Regalis channel is relatively new on the scene, which you wouldn’t guess based on the number of followers and viewers there. Her extensive background in RPGs has clearly played a role in her channel’s rapid ascent to the top of the “Recommended” lists on Twitch.

MaC67bF8BivfDnLhSa6Bv5UkPD: When did you launch your Twitch channel?
FR: “I’ve been streaming for [only] about a year and a half. I started as a Dead By Daylight streamer because I love PvP and horror, but RPGs of all sorts are my true passion. Although, the streaming part is relatively new; I’ve been playing RPGs and other games for longer than I’d care to admit!”

PD: You’ve been gaming for quite a while; why didn’t you start streaming earlier?
FR: “The only reason I wasn’t a streamer much sooner was because, for many years, I just didn’t have a fast enough connection for it. For over a decade, my gaming friends have been urging me to stream, but it just wasn’t reasonable until recently.”


Diablo 4 dark devotion

Do the Diablo games fit squarely into the Horror genre? I’ve asked this question of several of my fellow Diablo fans and their answers have usually been some version of “yes and no.” The tone, themes, and images in these games are, indeed, horrific. However, I’m not so sure if any of them were, or really are, at the jump-out-of-your-seat level of being scary or terrifying, especially Diablo 3. Having been a long-time fan of horror games herself, that preference certainly had an influence on Fame_Regalis when it came to choosing what Diablo games to play and stream.

Season of BloodPD: How long have you been streaming Diablo games, including Diablo 4?
FR: “I only started streaming Diablo games during the D4 beta. I even skipped playing Diablo 3 entirely because the aesthetic wasn’t for me! My Dead By Daylight mod team, a huge part of my early streams and to this day, were a combination of burned out on Asymmetrical PvP and really hyped to get into and back into ARPGs. Once we determined we were into D4, there was no going back! As long as they’re into D4, I’m into it!”

PD: Why did you decide to stick with Diablo 4 despite the recent negative press?
FR: “I have played more games at their launches than even I can remember. So, I know that online games almost never have strong starts. The bar is set too high on hype, and there’s nothing that any development team can do to make the masses entirely happy. There are simply too many moving parts to get it right out of the gates. Naturally, they get better and are developed into what they are truly meant to be with time and feedback. Could it have had at least a slightly better start? Sure, but that would not stop me from having fun.”

PD: What were you most looking forward to in Season 2?
FR: “I’m a grinder through and through. I played a lot of Asian MMORPGs where you just kill the same thing repeatedly. The absence of an endgame in Diablo 4 went unnoticed by me since the endless kill loop is exactly what I enjoy. My crew, who assist with the stream, had a great time during pre-season as well as Season 1, and we were not concerned about anything outside of our group. We ignored the opinions of others and relied on our own experience while playing D4, regardless of how many people tried to discourage us in the chat!”


Sworn to the quest

Community is what PureDiablo is about, first and foremost, and the same can be said about the Fame_Reglis channel. As mentioned previously, the live stream she runs is active and fast-paced. Nevertheless, viewers and chatters are always made to feel most welcome and acknowledged. Fostering camaraderie among her followers is the order of the day, as well as supporting and helping to enrich the gaming experience of everyone who stops by her channel.

PD: What features of your stream do you think your viewers enjoy most?
FR: “My viewers enjoy the constant commentary on what is happening on screen in the game. It’s great for knowing what’s going on in the stream even if they can’t see me because they’re too busy playing themselves! I’m also big on interacting with the chat. I’ll say hello to everyone as much as I can and be sure to see how the game and even other games are going for them too because I genuinely like to know. It’s great for ideas on how to change up my game and fun conversation for all.”

PD: Do you ever invite viewers to join your game?
FR: “Viewers do also come in and play occasionally with the regular on-roster group and it’s a fun time for everyone. It’s a much nicer option than joining a random Discord group they don’t know what to expect from.”

PD: What is the most important goal for your channel?
FR: “I’m naturally inclined to guide gaming communities and foster a place for people to feel they can share their gaming experiences. I have been guild leading, moderating, and performing other roles toward that end since I was a child. Even if no one was watching the stream at all, I would still do that by other means. There really is no other goal. Growth of the stream in views, revenue, followers, subscribers, any of that does little to keep me going. I have simply always done this.”


See you next time

Fame_Regalis is a truly casual gamer friendly channel and I highly recommend stopping by, giving her a follow, and even joining me as one of her subscribers.

Would you like to recommend a streamer for a future profile here on PureDiablo? If so, please sound off in the comments section below or DM me. In the meantime, also keep an eye on the news feed here at PureDiablo so you’ll have all the up-to-date info you need to get the most out of your game.


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