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Diablo 4 Secret Cow level discovery gets closer. New progress

We have progress at last as another phase of the secret Cow Level (which does not exist) is discovered.

Diablo 4 Cow LevelWe’ve talked about this before and it’s been a while since there’s been any further progress on a Diablo 4 Secret Cow level discovery. Until today that is.

It appears that the latest patch has opened up what could be the next phase to accessing a secret cow level. Remember that fountain with the Oxen and those strange items, the Musty Tome, Bloody Wooden Shard, Intricate Metallic Fragment, and Secret key? Well, the next part of this puzzle has been unlocked.

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So what is new? Well the D4 Not finding a Cow Level Discord has been on the case and this is what has been discovered:

We have achieved PROGRESS(tm) on the hunt. Long time member discovered (the hard way) that killing 666 cows will now drop you one of the three relics, depending on the zone you kill the final cow in. Unfortunately this can only be done once per week per character. The good news is though, you can drop the relics to other party members, or share in your own stash, so the only limit is your patience to kill 2000ish cows!

Armed with this knowledge, several teams have braved the grinding depths and obtained all 3 relics, in season and eternal. As assumed in some of our earliest digests, after cleansing the 3 relics in the fountain, you are provided with a key to the forlorn hovel. Once unlocked, the hovel remains unlocked for your character forever. After slaughtering the 28 cows within the hovel, you are rewarded with a stamina potion, long since turned to dust. It is our understanding that consuming this vial, in the right place, will lead to the next step in this quest.

Good luck all, and if you ever need a stam pot, I will trade them to you free of charge upon request!

Grampajoe posted a video on Forlorn Hovel and the process of getting there.

The fountain cleansing refers to the Oxen fountain mentioned in the earlier discovery updates. The Forlorn Hovel was also an early discovery from datamining but there was never a way to access it. With this key, this phase of discovery ends with the Stamina Potion.

The Diablo 4 Secret Cow Level Process so far…

To sum up, this process is as follows:

  • Get the Bloody Wooden shard killing cows in (Kehjistan/Hawezar),  Intricate Metallic Fragment (Dry Steppes),  and  Musty Tome (Scosglen/Fractured Peaks) to the Ked Bardu fountain
  • Kill 666 cows within 7 days (one per one character to get one of these. The item that drops depends on where you farmed the cows.
  • Drop the items in the fountain at Ked Bardu and pick them up again.
  • Interact with the thee oxen.
  • Get the strange key and take it to the Forlorn Hovel.
  • Kill the cows and get the Stamina potion.

What happens next is still unknown and I am guessing that we won’t see more on this until Season 3 unless Blizzard drops some sort of surprise update.

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