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Diablo 4 Release date revealed for 5 June?

Diablo 4 release date rumors

As we get close to tomorrow’s game awards, this is an interesting nugget of Diablo 4 release date information. Note this is still to be verified by Blizzard but we’ll probably know tomorrow for sure.

Twitter user and blogger Aggiornamenti Lumia who scrapes the Xbox and Windows backend for nuggets of information discovered a release date for Diablo 4 of 5 June 2023. Also included in the data is the game’s size, a whopping 80GB.

Is this a likely Diablo 4 Release date?

This of course has yet to be verified by Blizzard but Aggiornamenti could well be right here. An April date was previously speculated but that would seem a little too soon, There is still an open beta to get done and that’s going to require some serious testing time due to the scope of the game.

We have talked about a similar testing period to a WoW release which could be around six months so this June date does seem realistic. The end-game beta NDA is still in place but that could lapse soon once more information comes out from Blizzard. I would expect a lot of info could drop in the next few weeks ahead of the next test starting early next year.

There has been discussion about a pre-order being tied to beta access which would make sense so let’s hope The Game Awards bring some news on that too,

We’ll likely know for sure tomorrow so stay tuned for an update as soon as we have it. You can keep up with Diablo 4 release date speculation on our Release date info tracking page.

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