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Diablo 4 Quarterly update soon

Diablo 4 Logo - Diablo 4 Release date

It doesn’t seem that long ago since the last Diablo 4 quarterly update but there’s another one coming along soon.

According to Blizzard, the next update will be out by the end of December, probably before they break up for the holidays I would assume. Here’s what’s coming up:

Diablo IV Quarterly Update will be out before the end of the month! It’s a pretty beefy one that covers systems updates and a great deep dive into game FX with some awesome assets.

If you missed any of the previous installments or just want to brush up on Diablo 4, then you can check out the previous editions on the following links.

You can of course check the Press Desk for all the Diablo 4 bits and pieces as well as our Diablo 4 section.



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Just in time for the end of the year, there's another update coming with more Diablo 4 goodness.

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