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Diablo 4 Login Issues – Huge queues (Updated)

Diablo 4 servers are struggling this evening with a queue problem.

Diablo 4 Login Issues

The one night I decided to get some more Diablo 4 time in, the server hamsters decide to go on strike at Blizzard. Yes, it’s some lovely Diablo 4 login issues tonight,

I held off posting this in case this problem was resolved quickly but it appears to be a real problem now. If you try and join the game you will be presented with a massive queue. There is no ETA in a fix but some action is being taken with “extended login queues”. That itself does not fill me with hope for a quick resolution.

I’ll keep updating this post as updates roll in.

Update 12:01AM GMT 9 June

Logging in from the EU appears to be fine now.

Blizzard Updates

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