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Diablo 4 Beta mails going out

Diablo 4 beta

Well, this is it. Are you one of the chosen? Will you be at the forefront of helping shape Diablo 4’s end-game? It looks like the Diablo 4 beta emails are going out now.

In a tweet from Blizzard’s CM Adam fletcher, it’s an obvious hint that there could be something waiting for you in your inboxes. Assuming you have been deemed worthy of course.

If you don’t make the cut this time, then fear not, there is another test later on and many more of you will be added at that point. Testing Diablo 4 will take some time so be patient.

I know it’s hard but this testing process makes a lot of sense by focusing initially on the end-game. Blizzard needs to get this perfect to suit all play styles.

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