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Diablo 4 Beta Begins. Sort of


The Diablo 4 beta has been underway now for an hour so at least we are out the starting blocks.

The beta launch has not gone superbly so far. We did manage to get in pretty quickly and pick up the first quest then…poof! Disconnected from the server.

Ok so server disconnect, back to the main menu. Arrive at the menu only to find my Barb no longer exists. Ouch! So close the game and reload. Reload and back in the queue for an hour.

All of this was to be expected of course, this is a Blizzard beta test and we expect everything to go nuts for the first few hours.

If they can get the queue times down to something more reasonable for an hour then we might get a decent chunk of play time in. Here’s hoping.

This is the first time I have stepped into Diablo IV and I have to say it look fantastic visually, way better than videos on Youtube and way better than I expected.

Although I have only been in for a few minutes with my barb, you can really feel the difference in pacing from Diablo 3. Even at this stage, I would say it’s closer to Diablo 2 but I’ll have to swing a few more axes to get the real feel for the game.

How have you got on? Long queues? Disconnects?

1 thought on “Diablo 4 Beta Begins. Sort of”

  1. UK player here. I logged on, watched the cutscene, and got DC’d. Several log-ins later, I managed to join the queue (45mins) and got DC’d. Rejoined at a ~100min queue and have been there for 35mins. Glad you got to play some at least!

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