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Poll: Are you happy with the Diablo 4 art direction?

It’s time for a new Judge’s Chamber poll and this week we’re moving away from Diablo 2 Resurrected and taking a look at Diablo 4.

Last week Blizzard released their latest developer update which focused on Diablo 4 art, especially character and monster designs. This was a hefty update that showed examples of the work that’s going on inside the art department. As well as more of the characters being on show, there were also some nasty looking monsters which gave us a better idea of where they are going with the art style.

The character videos released with this latest developer update shows that the team is likely looking back at the earlier Diablo games for inspiration, especially Diablo 2. With Diablo 2 Resurrected being updated with new weapon and armor models, the two teams were probably sharing thoughts and ideas on how the armor should look in Diablo 4.

Looking back over early Diablo 2 art, it seems to have been an inspiration for Diablo 4 as shown in the Barbarian image below. The characters are a lot more realistic and there’s similarities with the use of fur on the cloak and helmets from the early Diablo 2 character art on the right.

Poll: Are you happy with the Diablo 4 art direction?

One of the big criticisms of Diablo 3 was that it stepped away from the dark fantasy world of Diablo a little with some of its art. It was an unpopular choice with many fans at that time. Unicorns and rainbows became a popular meme.

If you missed the most recent developer update then take a look before making a choice in this week’s poll.

Is the Diablo 4 art direction to your liking?

Are you happy with Diablo 4's art direction?

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