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Diablo 4 Appears in Playstation DB

Diablo 4 Logo - Diablo 4 Release date

Vigilant Playstation followers have spotted that Blizzard is now adding Diablo 4 to the Playstation Network. An update appeared for the PS5 and PS4 with the code of content-id codename “WELOOOOVEDOGS”.


After some poking around it appears the Diablo IV branding was attached to the update which weighed in at about 40Gb.

Now don’t get too excited. There is no way the game is near ready for public testing. It’s likely they are getting internal testing done on the Playstation platform and could simply testing out the whole updating process for development builds. We have no idea what they are up to but don’t take any of this as a sign that Diabo IV is somehow close to release.

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