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Diablo 3’s Jay Wilson announces new studio and development

Jay Wilson is back with a new game studio working on new ARPG.

A friend of our podcast, former Game Director for Diablo 3, Jay Wilson has announced his new venture back into the games industry. Jay has teamed with Julian Love (Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4) to form Gas Giant Games and is in the process of creating a new ARPG.

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, March 14, 2023 — Jay Wilson, Game Director of Diablo III and Lead Designer of World of Warcraft: Legion, and Julian Love, Senior Combat Designer on Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4,are revealing their game development studio Gas Giant Games

Jay, Gas Giant Games’s Design Director, explained his interest in launching the new studio with Julian by saying, “Julian and I have together, and separately, delivered some of the best action, RPG, and strategy systems the game industry has ever seen. I felt we could create new, outstanding game experiences if we teamed up, gathered the best developers we know, and applied those skills to games and game genres that we’re passionate about.”

Julian, the company’s Creative Director, added, “Gas Giant Games starts with a core understanding of what players value in the games we make. Then we focus on delivering the s—t out of that.”

Action, RPG, and strategy systems are building blocks that can enhance just about any genre of game, and the past work of Gas Giant’s growing team shows they have the experience to know when, where, and how to use them. Surrounded by the best talent in the industry, Jay and Julian have brought in veterans from massively successful titles including Kingdom Hearts, Company of Heroes, Overwatch, Dragon Age 2, Space Marine, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light, Gears of War… and more. The team has spent the past two years developing several game concepts to find the game they most want to build.

Jay expanded on their process, “Each of our concepts had to pass the test of showing that it would not only be a good experience to build, but a great game to play. We all agreed we had found the game we had to make: an action RPG with survival elements that we think players of both genres will love.” Julian continued, “A development team’s time is a precious thing and there’s no justification for spending their time on anything other than games they want to make. And man, do we want to make this game.” Based on a new IP developed by Gas Giant Games, the game is being developed for PC and consoles, with mobile platforms to be evaluated.

Today’s announcement comes in preparation for the studio’s presence at the Game Developer’s Conference, in San Francisco, CA on March 20-24 during which it will give private demonstrations of the game to interested publishers and investors.

“While we’re not ready to reveal the full details of our in-progress project to the whole world just yet, we can say that fans of our past games will be stoked about what’s to come,” said Jay. “I can tell you this: our game will deliver insane, visceral combat, engaging progression systems, and a unique survival experience—all wrapped into a new and original world that we’re sure you’ll love to explore.”

Want to build the next great ARPG? Send your application to [email protected]. For other inquiries or more information about Gas Giant Games, head over to or email [email protected]

New ARPGs are always exciting and can only help the genre move forward. Looking forward to seeing what they cook up and hopefully chat with Jay about it soon. If we manage to bring Jay back for another podcast what would you like to hear from him about?

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