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Diablo 3 v2.4.3 Hotfixes

The first Diablo 3 v2.4.3 hotfixes are now live and hopefully these will fix the 64-Bit client which was causing problems when the patch releases. Also, an issue with equipping The Barber on a follower and a problem with Shield Glare should be resolved.


  • A fix has been deployed that should resolve many of the 64-bit client issues since the release of Patch 2.4.3 (1/9)
    • Please note that this fix will require you to download a small patch
    • If you have updated to the latest patch and are still experiencing issues, please detail your experience in our Bug Report or Technical Support forums and be sure to include your dxdiag report


  • The Barber
    • Addressed an issue where having The Barber equipped on a Follower could repeatedly kill that Follower (1/9)
  • Flail of the Ascended
    • Fixed an issue where Shield Glare would only damage the last enemy hit by Shield Glare (1/9) [/BLUE]