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Diablo 3 Necromancer Interview with Rob Foote and Travis Day

With the Necromancer about to make an appearance in Diablo 3, PC Gamer took time out to chat with the Diablo 3 Senior producers Rob Foote and Travis Day.

In this interview, Travis and Rob discuss topics such as turn-around time of adding a new class to the game, what they wanted to change about the Necromancer in Diablo 3, the class’s role, how the Diablo 3  gameplay differs with the Necro, why people come back to the game, and more.

When asked about adding more classes, they were unsurprisingly cagey stating, “I think we’ll need to get through the release first before we start deciding what the next thing we’re going to be working on is.”

Here’s a quick snip:

People are still playing Diablo 3, myself included—why do you think people keep coming back to the game? You get feedback a lot of the time, what do those people really care about?

Travis Day: Honestly I think… I imagine a lot of people still enjoy the game for the same reasons I did before I was even working at Blizzard, which is just—Blizzard’s really great at supporting our products. It’s three years after the ship of Reaper of Souls and we’re still putting out content, we’re putting out patches, we’re putting out new features—our next patch has got not only the Necromancer but a ton of free content like Challenge Rifts which are a lot of fun.

I think, if you’re looking for something fun to play that you don’t have to worry about ongoing fees for, Blizzard products at large are great, and I think in the case of the Necromancer pack, I think it’s a great package. I think that we’ve got the new character class, we’ve got new character slots and stash tabs which people have been wanting for an assortment of reasons, including putting all your awesome sets in.

And for me—I think Diablo’s just a great game when I want to just sit down and murder a bunch of demons and click on some sweet loot and then go ID it, so…

Rob Foote: Yeah and I think Seasons have also been great—seasons are often a great time for people to go “Oh there’s a new season starting? Yeah OK I’ll come back… I’ve not played a Monk in a while, I might play a Monk…”—Or very likely the next season after Rise of the Necromancer—“Oh, a new season? I’m going to play a Necromancer for that season!”—so expect to see a lot of Necros running around in the next season.

Check out the full interview here.