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Diablo 3 is eight years old today. Are you still playing?

It’s Diablo 3’s birthday today, and the plucky little chap has turned eight years old. It feels like eons ago that fans eagerly awaited for the servers to go live. The question is, has it stood the test of time with fans? Are you just as passionate about the game?

The way I view Diablo 3 is that it’s an OK game. After a day or so playing after launch, it felt like a game I was going to play through a few times with a few classes and then move on. Of course, that’s just my opinion, there are still plenty of players enjoying the Seasons and the occasional updates today. That in itself makes the game a success eight years on. It’s also sold a bucket-load of copies across multiple platforms.

A Rocky Start

We have to remember Diablo 3 had a rocky start with the classic Error 37 message. Remember that? After 12 years of waiting for a sequel, players couldn’t play. Then there was the auction house. I have to admit I thought it was a pretty good idea prior to launch, but when you started playing and remembered that the core of the franchise was about finding great items. Buying items just seemed wrong and unworkable. Perhaps my long break from Diablo 2 helped me forget about core elements that made the first two games so great. Replaying Diablo 1 recently with Elly reminded me of why Diablo 1 captured gamers’ imaginations.

We were so hopeful for a smooth launch and solid Diablo gameplay with the third game. Our live stream launch show just before the servers opened was great fun to put together. We had input from devs influenced by the franchise including Chris Wilson from GGG (PoE) and Arthur Bruno from Crate Entertainment (Grim Dawn). Both shared their thoughts and expectations of Diablo 3 in advance of the launch. Like us, these guys were huge fans of the franchise and were just as eager to get playing as the rest of the community. However, events in the hours ahead were simply frustrating for fans and I’m sure just as frustrating for the Diablo 3 development team. Damn you Error 37!


Despite the numerous problems at launch, Blizzard did manage to salvage the game somewhat with the Reaper of Souls expansion. Thanks to their work on the expansion and addressing some of the concerns, Diablo 3 was saved for an audience that was perhaps less au fait with the first two games.

On the other hand, it was 20 years ago almost to the month, June 2000,  that Diablo 2 was released. Now, what I do know about Diablo 2 is that there is still a solid core of players actively playing. Our forums are a testament to the passion of the Diablo 2 player base. It’s probably why so many people are talking about this rumoured Diablo 2 remaster with such excitement. Whether it materialises is another story.

Whatever side of the fence you are sitting on, Diablo 3 was a respectable game, even if it’s not what die-hard Diablo 1 and 2 players were expecting. Will it still be played in another eight years’ time? I’m not so sure, and I don’t think Blizzard is either, hence the quicker than usual move to announce Diablo IV.

Not everyone may be as passionate about Diablo 3 as the other two games but we should wish it a happy birthday. If anything, it’s helped Blizzard developers understand community expectations a little better.

Now we look forward to Diablo IV. Blizzard will be hoping that they get the next game 100% right for both new and old fans of the franchise.

9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 is eight years old today. Are you still playing?”

  1. Not gonna lie i thought diablo 3 was garbage, the item has no depht it feels worthless to grind the game the items has no ” Value” how fun to get them like D2 or even D1 was. What sucks with diablo 4 is that its basically diablo 3 all over again. I wish blizzard would go back to blizz north diablo era and just make the game better

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      • Can you elabore on why it looks like the early diablo games ? The items are very different, probably item drop as well and graphics tone too it looks like d3… and the items are so powerful ppl were saying that with druid you just spam your auto attack and with the legendary rings that oneshot everything does it all for you… its just too powerful combine dwith your spells the game is just too easy theres even a dodge mecanics that makes it even more easier its too casual and diablo 1-2 was not a game for casuals.

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  2. Yup, still am! I’ve had around eight characters over the years. I think that unfortunately, in Diablo III, skills can be changed on a whim so that they don’t define your character and only what items you find for them. So if you have a Barbarian there’s little reason to make a new Barbarian. The reason I still had a bunch was due to past season characters.

    I recently did something kind of crazy. I deleted them all. It felt strangely refreshing! Now I have a Demon Hunter for this current season and plan a Necromancer for the next one because Blizzard are changing up the Necromancer skills a bit and I’m interested in the empowered Corpse Explosion. 😛

    I’ll probably keep playing a bit every now and then leading up to Diablo IV. I’ve had a hard time finding a game that has such as smoothly tuned gameplay and also runs as smoothly on my current PC with only integrated graphics (Intel NUC with an Intel Iris Plus 655). Diablo III is fantastically optimized and I can actually play in 1080p with decent settings on that little thing.

    For Diablo IV, I’ll need something better. Perhaps I will get my first game console since I started with games/computing about 35 years ago now!? It feels like herecy, something I promised myself I would never stoop to, but it looks like the Diablo games can be very well adapted to the console style. Some say Diablo III became an even better game on consoles. They also offer extremely good value and Diablo IV will no doubt fly in 4K on a future Xbox Series X.

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    • It is heresy. PC man, PC! A PC can be future proof for a lot longer than a console and at least you can switch out the GPU if you need to. Glad your still playing D3 though and getting a kick out of it. Not logged in for ages myself, been tempted a few times but always end up spending time playing something newer for a new experience. Thankfully my game reviewer days are over after 23 years of reviewing games and I can play stuff I really want to play instead of have to play.

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