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Diablo 3 Going Free to Play?

An old question, revisited.
An old question, revisited.
A fan spotted an interesting sight on Blizzard’s main Diablo 3 page… free to play up to level 70?

[blue]Is this a trial? Or permanent?

Update: Looks like they changed it again. The store page now has 3 buttons again; $19.99, Gift, and Try for Free.

Kazua: Hey everyone – sorry for the confusion here. This was a temporary website issue that caused the wrong text to display. As others have noted, this has been corrected.[source][/source][/blue]

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Sure, “now” their D3 website says $19.99 for the starter pack, and Blizzard claims that it was just a website glitch… of course it was! They just accidentally changed their D3 website to say “free to level 70?” out of the blue? I’m sure it was an “accident” that it was viewable by the public, but will anyone be surprised when/if D3 goes F2P up to level 70? That’s the economic model they’re following in new territories like China, after all.

This “accident” doesn’t mean we’ll finally see Diablo 3 China style “stash for cash” in all regions, but obviously Bliz is planning/considering setting D3 to F2P up to 70, which is why they’re constructing sample/test versions of their website, which they clearly didn’t mean to post for the public to see.

Does anyone disagree? Does anyone even mind if they do this? Bring in some fresh meat, get them hooked on the gameplay, and ease them into the full purchase. What’s the problem?