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Open Wounds

Diablo 2 open wounds modifier

Open Wounds is a weapon modifier that leads to a constant loss of life on the target hit over 8 seconds (200 frames).

It’s not actual damage the target receives, but a negative life regeneration, which is not offset against the target’s damage regeneration [monsters, hirelings and pets]. Instead, regeneration is immediately cut off once Open Wounds is active (Replenish Life from items and healing from a skill like Prayer still function). Unlike Prevent Monster Heal, the Open Wounds modifier will also work when applied by a hireling or Iron Golem.

  • A common abbreviation for Open Wounds is “OW”.
  • See all of the Diablo 2 Special Modifiers.

Open Wounds Formula

The formula is different depending on game version: life drain increased drastically in 1.10+.

1.10+ [Including Diablo 2 Resurrected 1.14d]

Life drain per frame in bits (1 bit = 1/256 point):

Clvl Life Drain
1-15 = 9*clvl + 31
16-30 = 18*clvl – 104
31-45 = 36*clvl – 374
46-60 = 36*clvl – 779
>60 = 45*clvl – 1319

This may then be modified against certain targets or when using certain attacks:

  • 0.25 (1/4) with any melee attack on a player
  • 0.125 (1/8) with any ranged attack on a player
  • 0.5 (1/2) with any melee or ranged attack on any Champion, Unique, Super Unique or boss (excluding normal or minion Putrid Defiler) monster
  • 1 with any melee or ranged attack on any other target

Life drain is rounded down to the nearest bit after division.

Life drain per second in points = Life drain * 25/256

Total life drain in points = Life drain * 199/256

Although the duration is 8 seconds (200 frames), life does not drain in the first frame and so only does so for 199 frames.


For each version assume character level 85 and a normal monster as target.


Life drain per frame in bits

= (45*85 – 1319) * 1

= (3825 – 1319)

= 2506

Life drain per second in points

= 2506*25/256

=244 186/256

Total life drain in points

= 2506 * 199/256

= 1,948 6/256


Source OW%
Malice Melee Weapon 100%
Ripsaw Flamberge 80%
Fury Melee Weapon 66%
Goreshovel Broad Axe 60%
Kingslayer Sword/Axe
Steel Sword/Axe/Mace
Bloodmoon Elegant Blade
Fleshripper Fanged Knife
Razor’s Edge Tomahawk
Swordback Hold Spiked Shield
The Gnasher Hand Axe
The Meat Scraper Lochaber Axe
Woestave Halberd
The Impaler War Spear
Toothrow Sharktooth Armor
Bloodthief Brandistock
Crow Caw Tigulated Mail
Blood Crescent Scimitar
Cerebus’ Bite Blood Spirit (Ladder Only)
Gut Siphon Demon Crossbow
Lacerator Winged Axe
Langer Briser Arbalest
The Scalper Francisca Duress body armor
Riphook Razor Bow
Soul Harvest Scythe
Um Rune (in weapon)
Beast Axe/Scepter/Hammer
Chaos Hand to Hand
Crescent Moon Axe/Sword/Polearm
Doom Axe/Polearm/Hammer
Bloodrise Morning Star
Boneflesh Plate Mail
Butcher’s Pupil Cleaver
Dracul’s Grasp Vampirebone Gloves
Fleshrender  Barbed Club
Infernal Tools (Complete) 20%
Skull Splitter Military Pick 15%
Gore Rider War Boots 10%
Crafted Blood Belt 5-10%

Open Wounds FAQ

Which skills/attacks carry Open W and which don’t?

In General, every ‘attack’ carries OW – i.e. bare fists attack, normal weapon attack and skills like Whirlwind, Zeal, Assassin’s charge-up attacks, etc. will deliver OW.

Skills, that carry Open Wounds:

Skills, that don’t carry Open Wounds:

Is there a cap on Open Wounds?

No, there is no cap for Open Wounds. Therefore the maximum is 100%. Rumours about OW (and other mods like Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike) being capped at 95% derive from the fact that the highest achievable Chance to Hit is 95%, meaning that you only can deliver OW on 95% of your strikes. Every time you hit though OW will trigger.

Does Open Wounds work on my mercenary?

Yes. Unlike Prevent Monster Heal, your mercenary can trigger Open Wounds on a target.

Can a target be subject to different Open Wounds  causes at once?

No, it can’t. If OW is triggered on a target already under the influence of Open Wounds, the timer will simply be reset to 8 seconds, regardless of level.

How does Open Wounds from different item types stack?

The chance to trigger OW is the sum of all items you carry. The only exception are dual-wielding barbarians and assassins: In this case, only the OW from the striking weapon plus OW from non-weapon items counts.

Does Open Wounds from another player/hireling override the 1st Open Wounds?

No. If another player or hireling hits a target that is under the influence of OW, the timer is reset to 8 seconds, but the life loss will still be that one calculated for the first player/hireling that hit it. That means, when your mercenary triggers OW on a monster which you already hit and triggered OW before, the timer will be reset to 8 seconds, but the monster will still receive the same damage it received from you triggering OW.

Is there a penalty for ranged attacks?

Yes, but only versus players. It’s already mentioned in the formula above. The modifier is 1/2.

Can Open Wounds be countered by replenish life, physical resistance or absorb?

Open Wounds ignores any resistances and absorb and cuts off damage regeneration on the target if triggered. Replenish Life (e.g. from Prayer aura or Snakecord) still works though.

Is there a PvP penalty for Open Wounds?

As noted in the above formula, life loss in PvP is 1/4.

So what can I do against Open Wounds in PvP?

Life drain cannot be reduced by any form of damage reduction, and its duration cannot be reduced by Cleansing or Fade. Replenish Life from items is a direct counter. Against another player, a level 30 player in 1.10+ applies 109 bit life drain per frame with a melee attack, and 54 bit life drain per frame with a ranged attack: this can be countered entirely by Replenish Life +109 and +54 respectively.

Will every target suffer from Open Wounds?

Although always applied to another player, it only applies to non-player units (monsters, hirelings and pets) if their life value changes, either due to damage taken or regenerated. If no damage is taken then OW won’t be applied if regeneration has already been stopped by Prevent Monster Heal, even if the target is at less than maximum life.

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