Druid Summoning Skills

 Diablo 2 Druid - Diablo 2 Resurrected - Druid Summoning SkillsDruid Summoning Skills Explanation

The Druid’s summoning skills allow him to call up wild animals to fight for his cause. He also has two aura-like enhancements, and several interesting living vine skills in this tree.

Long ago, the Druids confided in prayer their sacred charge to the supreme spirits of Nature. The spirits were moved by their plight and answered the Druids’ call for help. Over the many years since then, the spirits have contributed in many ways to the Druids’ cause, even offering up soldiers to serve in their campaign. A Druid educated in the language of the Natural spirits can appeal to them, and they will provide him with valuable companions. These companions fall into three groups: spirit animals, sentient vines, and minor spirits of Nature.


Only one Spirit spell may be active at a time. If you summon another Spirit the previous Spirit will disappear. Spirits have hit points and can be destroyed. Spirits are similar to Paladin Auras. Both of the Spirit Auras can be active on party members at the same time, but the same one will not stack, so Druids should decide in advance who will cast which.

Spirits are immune to Physical Damage and Poison on Nightmare. In Hell Difficulty, they’re immune to Poison.

Summoned Minions

Druids may summon Ravens, Spirit Wolves, Dire Wolves, and Grizzly Bears. Ravens are optional, but only one type of the wolf or bear minions can be present at a time. For example, casting a Grizzly Bear will dispel previously cast wolves, and vice versa. In earlier versions of D2X, there was no reason to put more than one point into a wolf or bear summoning skill if you didn’t intend to use that one constantly. Now, with synergies, multiple points in all three skills can be valuable.


Vines follow you around much like any other Minion. They can be attacked and can die. You can only have one Vine at a time. If you want your Vines to survive longer, spend more skill points to build up their maximum life.


Required Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Details: Ravens swarm in a cloud and look nifty, but their damage is negligible and their AI is lacking. This skill is useful only as a prerequisite or a novelty.

  • Ravens can peck out their eyes of their targets, creating an effect similar to the Necromancer’s Dim Vision curse.

Mana Cost: 5

Skill Level Progression

Slvl# of Ravens# of HitsDamage +XSlvl# of Ravens# of HitsDamage +XSlvl# of Ravens# of HitsDamage +XSlvl# of Ravens# of HitsDamage +X

Poison Creeper

Poison CreeperRequired Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Details: Poison Creeper vines tunnel through the earth and pop up beside monsters, hitting them for poison damage.

Mana Cost: 8

Poison Duration: 4 seconds

Skill Level Progression

SlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellPoison DamageSlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellPoison DamageSlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellPoison DamageSlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellPoison Damage

Oak Sage

Oak SageRequired Level: 6
Prerequisites: None
Details: The Oak Sage spirit floats around, radiating a hit point enhancing aura that affects the Druid and all characters and minions in his party. Spirits are living things, and if killed their enhancing aura vanishes. A wise Druid will keep a close eye on the hit points of his spirit, and recast it when necessary. Unexpectedly losing half your hit points can be quite dangerous, and spirits are not very good at staying out of harm’s way.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlMana CostLife +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostLife +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostLife +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostLife +X%Radius (yards)

Summon Spirit Wolf

Summon Spirit WolfRequired Level: 6
Prerequisites: Raven
Synergies: Points in Summon Dire Wolf will add substantially to the hit points of Spirit Wolves. Summon Grizzly increases their overall damage.
Effect: This gift of Nature allows the Druid to conjure forth one or more wolf allies who, with their mystical powers, provide the Druid a potent and ferocious colleague. Spirit Wolves make useful tanks, and can kill monsters fairly well early in the game. They aren’t tough enough to use at higher difficulty levels, but thanks to the boosting synergy, points in this skill add to the Defense and Attack Rating of Dire Wolves and Grizzlies.

Mana Cost: 15

Skill Level Progression

SlvlWolf #Wolf DmgAR +X%Defense +X%SlvlWolf #Wolf DmgAR +X%Defense +X%SlvlWolf #Wolf DmgAR +X%Defense +X%SlvlWolf #Wolf DmgAR +X%Defense +X%

Carrion Vine

Carrion VineRequired Level: 12
Prerequisites: Poison Creeper
Details: This vine tunnels around and pops up out of the ground beneath monster corpses, causing them to rapidly consume and funnelling some of their life to the Druid.

  • This skill destroys corpses so they can not be resurrected by monster shamans.
  • This vine will drive Find Item Barbarians crazy as it dissolves valuable boss corpses.

Mana Cost: 10

Skill Level Progression

SlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellRegen %SlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellRegen %SlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellRegen %SlvlLife NormalLife Night.Life HellRegen %

Heart of Wolverine

Heart of WolverineRequired Level: 18
Prerequisites:: Oak Sage
Details: This spirit’s aura provides a hearty attack rating and damage bonus to the Druid and all players and minions in his party.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlMana CostDmg. +X%AR +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostDmg. +X%AR +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostDmg. +X%AR +X%Radius (yards)SlvlMana CostDmg. +X%AR +X%Radius (yards)

Summon Dire Wolf

Summon Dire WolfRequired Level: 18
Prerequisites: Raven, Oak Sage, Summon Spirit Wolf
Synergies: Points in Summon Spirit Wolf increases the Dire Wolves’ AR and Defense, while Summon Grizzly adds to their overall damage.
Effect: Dire Wolves deal more damage and have more hit points than Spirit Wolves, but only three of them may be summoned at once. They eat corpses to heal themselves, destroying those corpses in the process. This denies monster shamans the ability to resurrect them, but since the wolves generally only eat when there are no other monsters in range to attack, this isn’t a very good skill to destroy corpses in the middle of battle.

Mana Cost: 20

Skill Level Progression

SlvlWolf #Life +X%DamageSlvlWolf #Life +X%DamageSlvlWolf #Life +X%DamageSlvlWolf #Life +X%Damage

Solar Creeper

Solar CreeperRequired Level: 24
Prerequisites: Poison Creeper, Carrion Vine.
Effect: The solar creeper tunnels around the battlefield and pops up beside monsters, draining their life and converting it to mana, which it feeds to the Druid. This vine can assist an Elemental Druid in keeping his mana full, though the mana transferred isn’t large enough to make this an especially useful minion.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlMana CostMana Regen +X%SlvlMana CostMana Regen +X%SlvlMana CostMana Regen +X%SlvlMana CostMana Regen +X%

Spirit of Barbs

Spirit of BarbsRequired Level: 30
Prerequisites:Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine.
Details: This spirit bestows a Thorns aura on the Druid and all in his party. This skill is largely ignored since the damage reflected is woefully inadequate to make it viable past normal difficulty. Level 20 of this skill reflects 430% damage. In comparison, the Paladin’s Thorns aura reflects 450% at level 6 and 1010% at level 20, and the Necromancer’s Iron Maiden curse reflects 450% at level 11, and 675% at level 20.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlMana CostDamage ReturnedRadius (yards)SlvlMana CostDamage ReturnedRadius (yards)SlvlMana CostDamage ReturnedRadius (yards)SlvlMana CostDamage ReturnedRadius (yards)

Summon Grizzly

Summon GrizzlyCasting Delay:: 1 Second
Required Level: 30
Prerequisites: Raven, Oak Sage, Summon Spirit Wolf, Summon Dire Wolf
Synergies: Points in Summon Spirit Wolf increases the Grizzly’s AR and Defense, and Summon Dire Wolf adds substantially to its hit points.
Details: Summoned Grizzlies are fierce minions, capable of inflicting heavy damage. Grizzlies move slowly, but have strong attacks that stun and knock back their targets.

  • Only one Grizzly may be summoned at a time.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlDamageDamage +X%SlvlDamageDamage +X%SlvlDamageDamage +X%SlvlDamageDamage +X%