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Treasure Class – A Complete List

Treasure Class - A Complete List

Below is a complete list of each item’s Treasure Class in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected. The Item Generation Tutorial article provides an overview of how Treasure Classes are used in item generation.

Treasure classes also give you an idea of how valuable an item may be compared to other items.

Diablo 2 Treasure Class Explanation

The qlvls (quality level) in the lists below are base qlvls that determine their presence at vendors. The qlvls for set and unique items are the minimum ilvl (Item level) the item must be to roll a set or unique item.

In order to understand what monsters are likely to drop in each Treasure class, see the Area Levels section which indicates the types of items (and their mods) that can be dropped from monsters. This gives you an idea of where and at what level you are likely to find the items listed below.

Treasure Class 87 (TC 87)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Archon Staff85Mang Song’s Lesson86
Berserker Axe85Death Cleaver78
Bloodlord Skull85Darkforce Spawn72
Caduceus85Griswold’s Redemption44Astreon’s Iron Ward68
Colossus Blade85Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge50The Grandfather85
Colossus Girdle85
Corona85Griswold’s Valor44Crown of Ages86
Diadem85M’avina’s True Sight21Griffon’s Eye84
Dimensional Shard85Death’s Fathom81
Dream Spirit85
Giant Thresher85Stormspire78
Glorious Axe85Executioner’s Justice83
Guardian Crown85
Hydra Bow85Windforce80
Legend Spike85Ghostflame70
Myrmidon Greaves85Shadow Dancer79
Mythical Sword85Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian50
Ogre Gauntlets85Steelrend78
Sacred Armor85Immortal King’s Soul Cage37Tyrael’s Might87
Templar’s Might82
Scissors Suwayyah85Natalya’s Mark22
Thunder Maul85The Cranium Basher85
Earth Shifter77
Unearthed Wand86Death’s Web74
Vortex Shield85Griswold’s Honor44
War Pike85Steel Pillar77
Winged Harpoon85Gargoyle’s Bite78

Treasure Class 84 (TC 84)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Archon Plate84
Bone Visage84Trang-Oul’s Guise32Giant Skull73
Champion Axe82Messerschmidt’s Reaver75
Cryptic Sword82Sazabi’s Cobalt Redeemer34Frostwind78
Demon Crossbow84Gut Siphon79
Fanged Knife83Fleshripper76
Ghost Spear83
Great Poleaxe84
Lacquered Plate82Tal Rasha’s Guardianship26
Legendary Mallet82Schaefer’s Hammer83
Stone Crusher76
Shadow Plate83Aldur’s Deception29Steel Carapace74
Sky Spirit83Ravenlore82
Troll Belt82Trang-Oul’s Girth32
Vortex Orb84
Ward84Taebaek’s Glory55Spirit Ward76
Zakarum Shield82Dragonscale84

Treasure Class 81 (TC 81)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Aegis79Medusa’s Gaze84
Colossus Sword80
Conqueror Crown80Halaberd’s Reign85
Cryptic Axe79Tomb Reaver86
Ghost Glaive79Wraith Flight84
Kraken Shell81M’avina’s Embrace21Leviathan73
Matriarchal Pike81
Mirrored Boots81
Runic Talons81
Spired Helm79Ondal’s Almighty55Veil of Steel77
Nightwing’s Veil75
Succubae Skull81Boneflame80
Ward Bow80Widowmaker73
War Spike79Cranebeak71
Winged Axe80Lacerator76

Treasure Class 78 (TC 78)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Balrog Skin76Sazabi’s Ghost Liberator34Arkaine’s Valor85
Champion Sword77Doombringer75
Conquest Sword78
Crusader Bow77Eaglehorn77
Crusader Gauntlets76
Earth Spirit76Spirit Keeper75
Feral Claws78Firelizard’s Talons75
Grand Matron Bow78M’avina’s Caster21
Hellforge Plate78Naj’s Light Plate43
Scourge76Horizon’s Tornado72
Seraph Rod76
Troll Nest76Head Hunter’s Glory83
Winged Knife77Warshrike83

Treasure Class 75 (TC 75)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ancient Shield74
Battle Cestus73Shadow Killer85
Colossus Crossbow75Hellrack84
Demonhead74Andariel’s Visage85
Demon Heart75
Destroyer Helm73Demonhorn’s Edge69
Elder Staff74Naj’s Puzzler43Ondal’s Wisdom74
Great Hauberk75
Lich Wand75Boneshade84
Loricated Mail73Natalya’s Shadow22
Mithril Coil75Credendum39Verdungo’s Hearty Cord71
Phase Blade73Lightsabre66

Treasure Class 72 (TC 72)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Balrog Blade71Flamebellow79
Balrog Spear71Demon’s Arch76
Boneweave Boots72Marrowwalk74
Devil Star70Baranar’s Star70
Diamond Bow72
Diamond Mail72
Ettin Axe70Rune Master80
Mithril Point70
Sacred Rondache70Alma Negra85
Thresher71The Reaper’s Toll83
Tiara70Kira’s Guardian85
Wire Fleece70The Gladiator’s Bane85

Treasure Class 69 (TC 69)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Armet68Steel Shade70
Blade Barrier68Spike Thorn78
Eldritch Orb67Eschuta’s Temper80
Gorgon Crossbow67
Great Bow68
Hellspawn Skull67
Hydra Edge69
Ogre Maul69Immortal King’s Stone Crusher37Windhammer76
Scarab Husk68
Sun Spirit69
Vambraces69Soul Drainer82
Vampirefang Belt68Nosferatu’s Coil68
War Fist68

Treasure Class 66 (TC 66)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Colossus Voulge64
Dusk Shroud65Dark Adherent39Ormus’ Robes83
Flying Knife64
Fury Visor66Wolfhowl85
Ghost Wand65
Highland Blade66
Matriarchal Javelin65Thunderstroke77
Ornate Armor64Griswold’s Heart44Corpsemourn63
Overseer Skull66
Scarabshell Boots66Sandstorm Trek72
Silver Edged Axe65Ethereal Edge82
Stygian Pike66

Treasure Class 63 (TC 63)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ataghan61Djinn Slayer73
Blood Spirit62Cerebus’ Bite71
Chaos Armor61Trang-Oul’s Scales32Black Hades61
Elegant Blade63Bloodmoon69
Luna61Blackoak Shield67
Matriarchal Spear61Stoneraven72
Mighty Scepter62Heaven’s Light69
The Redeemer80
Reinforced Mace63Dangoon’s Teaching55
Sacred Targe63
Shadow Bow63
Small Crescent61
Spiderweb Sash61Arachnid Mesh87
Stygian Pilum62
Vampirebone Gloves63Dracul’s Grasp84
Wrist Sword62Jade Talon74

Treasure Class 60 (TC 60)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Blade Bow60
Bone Knife58Wizardspike69
Carnage Helm60
Embossed Plate58Atma’s Wail59
Heavenly Stone59
Hyperion Spear58Arioc’s Needle85
Legend Sword59
Mage Plate60Que-Hegan’s Wisdom59
Minion Skull59
Ogre Axe60Bonehew72
Shako58Harlequin Crest69
Walking Stick58
Wyrmhide Boots60

Treasure Class 57 (TC 57)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ancient Shield56Radament’s Sphere58
Bramble Mitts57Laying of Hands39
Feral Axe57
Flying Axe56Gimmershred78
Grand Crown55Hwanin’s Splendor28Crown of Thieves57
Grim Scythe55Grim’s Burning Dead52
Pellet Bow57
Polished Wand55
Royal Shield55
Sharktooth Armor55Toothrow56
Spider Bow55
Totemic Mask55Jalal’s Mane50
Tyrant Club57Demon Limb71

Treasure Class 54 (TC 54)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Chu-Ko-Nu54Demon Machine57
Executioner Sword54Swordguard55
Giant Conch54
Gothic Bow52Goldstrike Arch54
Hierophant Trophy54Homunculus50
Hyperion Javelin54
Martel de Fer53The Gavel of Pain53
Matriarchal Bow53Blood Raven’s Charge79
Scissors Quhab54
Slayer Guard54Arreat’s Face50
Templar Coat52Guardian Angel53
Tomahawk54Razor’s Edge75
Truncheon52Nord’s Tenderizer76
War Belt54Immortal King’s Detail37Thundergod’s Vigor55
War Boots54Immortal King’s Pillar37Gore Rider55
War Gauntlets54Immortal King’s Forge37Hellmouth55

Treasure Class 51 (TC 51)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ancient Axe51The Minotaur53
Ancient Sword49The Atlantean50
Battle Belt49Wilhelm’s Pride41Snowclash49
Battle Boots49Aldur’s Advance29War Traveler50
Battle Gauntlets49M’avina’s Icy Clutch21Lava Gout50
Bec-de-Corbin51Husoldal Evo52
Cantor Trophy49Trang-Oul’s Wing32
Ceremonial Pike51Lycander’s Flank50
Grave Wand49Blackhand Key49
Greater Talons50Bartuc’s Cut-throat50
Grim Helm50Natalya’s Totem22Vampire Gaze49
Gilded Shield51Herald of Zakarum50
Pavise50Gerke’s Sanctuary52
Rune Bow49Magewrath51
Russet Armor49Skullder’s Ire50
Sacred Feathers50
Savage Helmet49
Swirling Crystal50Tal Rasha’s Lidless Eye26The Oculus50
Winged Helm51Guillaume’s Face41Valkyrie Wing52
Zweihander49Todesfaelle Flamme54

Treasure Class 48 (TC 51)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ballista47Buriza-Do Kyanon59
Battle Hammer48Earthshaker51
Ceremonial Bow47Lycander’s Aim80
Cuirass4755Duriel’s Shell49
Death Mask48Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest26Blackhorn’s Face49
Gothic Axe46Boneslayer Blade50
Gothic Sword48Cloudcrack53
Grim Shield48Lidless Wall49
Hunter’s Guise46Aldur’s Stony Gaze29
Lance47Spire of Honor47
Large Siege Bow16Cliffkiller49
Naga48Guardian Naga56
Protector Shield46
Rune Staff47Skull Collector49
Sparkling Ball46

Treasure Class 45 (TC 45)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Basinet45Sazabi’s Mental Sheath34Darksight Helm46
Ceremonial Spear43
Crowbill43Pompeii’s Wrath53
Cutlass43Coldsteel Eye39
Divine Scepter45Hand of Blessed Light50
Dragon Shield45Tiamat’s Rebuke46
Greater Claws45
Heavy Bracers43Trang-Oul’s Claws32Ghoulhide44
Knout43Baezil’s Vortex53
Mesh Armor45Shaftstop46
Mesh Belt43Tal Rasha’s Fire-Spun Cloth26Gloom’s Trap45
Mesh Boots43Natalya’s Soul22Silkweave44
Rage Mask44
Rune Sword44Plague Bearer49
Sexton Trophy45
Short Siege Bow43Witchwild String47
Tigulated Mail43Hwanin’s Refuge28Crow Caw45
Tomb Wand43Arm of King Leoric44
Tusk Sword45The Vile Husk52
War Club45Bloodtree Stump56
Yari44Hone Sundan45

Treasure Class 42 (TC 42)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Akaran Rondache40
Ancient Armor40Milabrega’s Robe23Silks of the Victor38
Barbed Shield42Lance Guard43
Battle Scythe40Athena’s Wrath50
Battle Sword40Headstriker47
Cinquedeas42Blackbog’s Sharp46
Cloudy Sphere41
Dacian Falx42Bing Sz Wang51
Gothic Staff42Warpspear47
Griffon Headdress40
Hand Scythe41
Holy Water Sprinkler40The Fetid Sprinkler46
Linked Mail42Spirit Forge43
Siege Crossbow40Pus Spitter44
Trellised Armor40Iron Pelt41
War Fork41Soulfeast Tine43

Treasure Class 39 (TC 39)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Ashwood Bow39
Bearded Axe38Spellsteel47
Bill37Hwanin’s Justice28Blackleach Blade50
Cedar Staff38Chromatic Ire43
Crystalline Globe37
Demonhide Armor37Skin of the Flayed One39
Dimensional Blade37Ginther’s Rift45
Double Bow39Endlesshail44
Espandon37Crainte Vomir50
Fetish Trophy39
Full Plate Mail37Tancred’s Spine27Goldskin38
Great Pilum37
Jagged Star39Aldur’s Rhythm29Moonfall50
Lion Helm38
Petrified Wand38Carin Shard43
Round Shield37Whitstan’s Guard41Moser’s Blessed Circle39
Sharkskin Belt39M’avina’s Tenet21Razortail39
Sharkskin Boots39Waterwalk40
Sharkskin Gloves39Magnus’ Skin41Gravepalm39
Tulwar37Blade of Ali Baba43
Twin Axe39Islestrike51
War Dart39

Treasure Class 36 (TC 36)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Akaran Targe35
Alpha Helm35
Arbalest34Langer Briser40
Cedar Bow35Kuko Shakaku41
Ceremonial Javelin35Titan’s Revenge50
Cleaver34Butcher’s Pupil47
Demonhide Boots36Rite of Passage39Infernostride37
Demonhide Sash36String of Ears37
Flanged Mace35Sureshrill Frost47
Francisca34The Scalper65
Fuscina36Kelpie Snare41
Ghost Armor34The Spirit Shroud36
Light Plate35Arcanna’s Flesh20Heavenly Garb39
Military Axe34Warlord’s Trust43
Partizan35Pierre Tombale Couant51
Quarter Staff35Ribcracker39
Rondel36Heart Carver44
Serpentskin Armor36Skin of the Vipermagi37
War Hat34Cow King’s Horns20Peasant Crown36
War Scythe34The Grim Reaper39

Treasure Class 33 (TC 33)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Barbed Club32Fleshrender46
Battle Dart31Deathbit52
Burnt Wand31Suicide Branch41
Demonhide Gloves33Venom Grip37
Glowing Orb32
Gothic Plate32Sigon’s Shelter9Rattlecage39
Great Maul32Steeldriver39
Great Sword33The Patriarch39
Jawbone Visor33
Lochaber Axe33The Meat Scraper49
Long War Bow31Blastbark38
Mummified Trophy33
Rancid Gas Potion32
Razor Bow33Riphook39
Repeating Crossbow33Doomslinger38
Rune Scepter31Zakarum’s Hand45
War Spear33The Impaler39
Wrist Spike32

Treasure Class 30 (TC 30)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Crown29Iratha’s Coil21Undead Crown39
Milabrega’s Diadem23
Cudgel30Dark Clan Crusher42
Edge Bow30Skystrike36
Field Plate28Rockfleece38
Gothic Shield30Isenhart’s Parry11The Ward35
Jo Staff30Razorswitch36
Oil Potion28
Throwing Spear29
War Javelin30
Small Charm28Annihilus (Uber Diablo)110

Treasure Class 27 (TC 27)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Gauntlets27Sigon’s Gage9Frostburn39
Giant Axe27Humongous39
Plated Belt27Sigon’s Wrap9Bladebuckle39
Grim Wand26Infernal Torch7Ume’s Lament38
Maiden Pike27
Greaves27Sigon’s Sabot9Tearhaunch39
Reflex Bow27
Short War Bow27Arctic Horn3Hellclap36
War Axe25Rakescar36
War Hammer25Ironstone36
War Sword27Death’s Touch8Culwen’s Point39

Treasure Class 24 (TC 24)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Avenger Guard24Immortal King’s Will37
Bastard Sword24Blacktongue35
Blade23Spectral Shard34
Bone Helm22Tancred’s Skull27Wormskull28
Circlet24Naj’s Circlet43
Crown Shield24
Demon Head24
Dragon Stone24
Great Axe23Brainhew34
Great Helm23Sigon’s Visor9Howltusk34
Heavy Crossbow24Hellcast36
Long Battle Bow23Vidala’s Barb19Wizendraw35
Maiden Javelin23
Pike24The Tannr Gorerod36
Plate Mail24Boneflesh35
Scissors Katar24
Spirit Mask24
Tower Shield22Sigon’s Guard9Bverrit Keep26
War Staff24Arcanna’s Deathwand20The Iron Jang Bong38

Treasure Class 21 (TC 21)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Aerin Shield20
Assault Helmet20
Blade Talons21
Bone Shield19Wall of the Eyeless27
Choking Gas Potion20
Falcon Mask20
Flail19The General’s Tan Do Li Ga28
Gargoyle Head20
Giant Sword21Kinemil’s Awl31
Heavy Belt20Iratha’s Cord21Goldwrap36
Infernal Sign7
Light Gauntlets20Iratha’s Cuff21Magefist31
Arctic Mitts3
Light Plated Boots20Vidala’s Fetlock19Goblin Toe30
Long Sword20Cleglaw’s Tooth6Hellplague30
Mask19Cathan’s Visage15The Face of Horror27
Military Pick19Tancred’s Crowbill27Skull Splitter28
Poleaxe21The Battlebranch34
Spetum20Lance of Yaggai30
Splint Mail20Berserker’s Hauberk5Iceblink30
War Scepter21Milabrega’s Rod23Stormeye31

Treasure Class 18 (TC 18)

Balanced Axe16
Battle Axe17The Chieftain26
Battle Staff17Cathan’s Rule15The Salamander28
Bone Wand18Sander’s Superstition20Gravenspine27
Breast Plate18Isenhart’s Case11Venom Ward27
Clasped Orb17
Exploding Potion16
Heraldic Shield16
Horned Helm16
Kris17The Jade Tan Do26
Maiden Spear18
Short Battle Bow18Stormstrike34
Stag Bow18
Unraveller Head16

Treasure Class 15 (TC 15)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Balanced Knife13
Broad Sword15Isenhart’s Lightbrand11Griswold’s Edge23
Chain Mail15Cathan’s Mesh15Sparking Mail23
Double Axe13Berserker’s Hatchet5Bladebone20
Full Helm15Isenhart’s Horns11Duskdeep23
Grand Scepter15Civerb’s Cudgel13Rusthandle23
Kite Shield15Milabrega’s Orb23Steelclash23
Morning Star13Bloodrise20
Scale Mail13Hawkmail20
Scythe15Soul Harvest26
Short Spear15
Large Charm14Hellfire Torch110

Treasure Class 12 (TC 12)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Belt12Hsarus’ Iron Stay4Nightsmoke27
Broad Axe12Goreshovel19
Chain Boots12Hsarus’ Iron Heel4Treads of Cthon20
Chain Gloves12Cleglaw’s Pincers6Chance Guards20
Composite Bow12Rogue’s Bow27
Crystal Sword11Azurewrath18
Gnarled Staff12Spire of Lazarus24
Hatchet Hands12
Helm11Berserker’s Headgear5Coif of Glory19
Large Shield11Civerb’s Ward13Stormguild18
Ring Mail11Angelic Mantle17Darkglow19
Smoked Sphere12
Spiked Shield11Swordback Hold20
Two-Handed Sword10Shadowfang16
Yew Wand12Maelstrom19

Treasure Class 9 (TC 9)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Dirk9The Diggler15
Fanged Helm8
Hawk Helm8
Heavy Boots7Cow King’s Hooves
Sander’s Riprap
Heavy Gloves7Sander’s Taboo20Bloodfist12
Light Belt7Arctic Binding3Snakecord16
Long Bow8Raven Claw20
Long Staff8Serpent Lord12
Sabre8Angelic Sickle17Skewer of Krintiz14
Sacred Globe8
Strangling Gas Potion8
Studded Leather8Cow King’s Hide20Twitchthroe22
Throwing Axe7
Wrist Blade9
Zombie Head8

Treasure Class 6 (TC 6)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Bardiche5Dimoak’s Hew11
Fulminating Potion4
Hard Leather Armor5The Centurion19
Hunter’s Bow5Witherstring18
Jawbone Cap4
Large Axe6Axe of Fechmar11
Light Crossbow6Leadcrow12
Preserved Head4
Scimitar5Blood Crescent10
Skull Cap5Arcanna’s Head20Tarnhelm20
Small Shield5Cleglaw’s Claw6Umbral Disk12
Spear5The Dragon Chang11
Spiked Club4Stoutnail7
Wolf Head4

Treasure Class 3 (TC 3)

Base ItemSet ItemUnique Item
Item NameqlvlItem NameqlvlItem Nameqlvl
Buckler1Hsarus’ Iron Fist4Pelta Lunata3
Cap1Infernal Cranium7Biggin’s Bonnet4
Sander’s Paragon20
Eagle Orb1
Hand Axe3The Gnasher7
Leather Armor3Vidala’s Ambush19Blinkbat’s Form16
Leather Boots3Tancred’s Hobnails27Hotspur7
Leather Gloves3Death’s Hand8The Hand of Broc7
Quilted Armor1Arctic Furs3Greyform10
Sash3Death’s Guard8Lenymo10
Scepter3Knell Striker7
Short Bow1Pluckeye10
Short Staff1Bane Ash7
Short Sword1Rixot’s Keen3
Throwing Knife2
Wand2Torch of Iro7
Grand Charm1Gheed’s Fortune70

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