Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQ

Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQ

Updated: 4 March 2021

This Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQ has been created to answer some of the most common questions players may have about the upcoming Diablo 2 remaster. This document is continually updated with new information as it becomes available.


When will Diablo 2 Resurrected be released?

The game is scheduled for release in 2021. Expected estimate according to Blizzard is November/December 2021.

Will there be a beta test?

So far Blizzard has stated there will be two technical alpha tests at this stage. The first one will be single-player only and the second a multiplayer stress test. Tech Alpha sign-ups are now open.

Who is working on Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Vicarious Visions started work on the project and have now merged into the Blizzard fold.

What is the Diablo 2 patch level for Diablo 2 Resurrected

When the game launches it will be using patch 1.14 as the base foundation patch for the game.

How does Diablo 2 Resurrected look so good?

The team are using a new 3D renderer running on top of the original game logic.

Now there’s 3D, can I rotate the view or zoom in?

Players cannot rotate the view but they can zoom in.

Can I play the game with the old graphics?

Yes, as the 3D renderer sits on the top of the old game, you can press a key to toggle between old and new visuals.

Have items changed?

Items statistics have not changed. However, the team has remodeled all items for the new game.

What about items that shared visuals with other items in the original game?

The development team has created new item models for items that shared models in the old game. This means that each item will now have a unique look on the character.

Has character movement changed?

The game still respects the original game grid and character timing. It now just fills in the visual gaps in the animation but all timing is the same.

What FPS can I expect?

On PC the FPS will be uncapped. On consoles it will be 60 FPS

What resolutions can the game go up to now?

On PC the game can go full 4K and consoles 2K.

Has the cinematics and audio been remastered?

Yes, and also now with 7.1 sound.

Is there new cinematics or audio?

There is no new cinematics but the audio has been improved with additional surround sound and more ambiance. Rain will sound better, environments such as the jungle will sound better.

Is the game balance, spawn rates and item drops the same as the original game?

Yes, nothing has been changed with regards to these mechanics.

Is there a shared stash?

Yes, there is now a shared stash. Players can not mix ladder with non-ladder stash. The same goes for online and offline.

Any other QOL improvements with stash?

It’s now easier to interact with stash with quick keys

Has the interface changed?

The HUD has been tidied up a  bit to make it cleaner but it’s almost identical.

Can I hide the HUD to take cool shots?

Yes, the HUD can be toggled on or off for screenshot purposes.

Have they added an advanced stats screen?

Yes, there is now an advanced stats screen so no more trying to work out what affected your stats.

Is there gold auto-pickup?

Yes, this can be turned on or off depending on your preference.

Has item comparison been added?

Yes, there’s an item comparison tooltip using the SHIFT key.

Does Resurrected include the Lord of Destruction expansion?

Yes, all LOD content is included.

How many players can play cooperatively?

There is 8-player co-op.

Does trading function the same as the original game?

Yes. However, players can now share item information over the chat.

Has BattleNet been Improved for Resurrected?

Resurrected is moving over to the newer BattleNet platform. It will be easier now when browsing/finding games for Normal, Nightmare, Hell etc.

Have Server regions been removed?

Yes, there is now one global server.

Will there still be ladders?

Yes. However, seasons may now be shortened and at the end of a season, leaderboard position data might be archived for historical purposes.

Can I have a unique name on BNet?

No. As servers are now global, there can now be duplicate names. Your identity will be unique by adding your Battletag number to the end of your name.

Are they going to stop bots and cheats?

With the game in the new BattleNet platform, it will now be more secure. However, they are aware some gamers may try their luck but they will do their best to stop it.

Can I still play solo or offline?

Yes. Th game works the same way as the old Diablo. You can either play locally or over BattleNet. This includes TCP/IP play with friends.

Do I still need to set a game password when playing online?

No. Players can invite friends directly from their BattleNet friends list.

Do I have to join a party when I join a game?

No. Players can opt-out from joining parties when they join a game.

Will there be mod support?

Yes. Mods will be supported but old mods will likely have to be remade as they are changing the way mods will function with the game.

Can you import old Diablo 2 saves files?

Yes, this has been confirmed in an interview on IGN.

How many languages supported?

Five languages are being supported.

Will there be couch co-op?


What’s different in the console version?

The console version will be different in some aspects. The console game will still think you are using a keyboard and mouse but with console controller functionality. On consoles, there are some differences like leap and teleport where there’s a set distance to accommodate the controller.

Will there be Achievements?

Yes, achievements are being added but only on the console version.

Can I pre-order the game?

Yes. Pre-orders are now online.

Where can I read more about the game?

Check out the screenshots and trailers. Also, read our panel overview and the Q&A session.

If there is anything missing from the Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQ. Feel free to add it in the comments below.