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Diablo 2 Resurrected Achievements

Diablo 2 Resurrected Achievements

Diablo 2 Resurrected Achievements List

BaselineBrawlerBaseline BrawlerDefeat 500 Enemies20
Adept Aggressor
Adept Aggressor
Defeat 5000 Enemies25
Murder MAchineMurder MachineDefeat 10,000 Enemies20
Deep PocketsDeep PocketsPick up 500,000 Gold20
MrmoneybagsMr. Money Bags

Pick up 1,000,000 Gold


SockettomeSocket to meSocket a gem into an item20
heythere delilahHey there Delilah what’s it like in EastgateComplete Act 115
greaterhydraliskdownGreater hydralisk downComplete Act 215
lethate flowYes, yes, let the hate flow through youComplete Act 315
cimturryslayerCim Turry slayerComplete Act 415
detroerbecomesThe destroyer becomes the destroyedComplete Act 515
It’s only 3,520,485,254 XPReach Level 9925
powerlevel9000Power level 9000!Complete the game on Hell difficulty with the Sorceress20
neverdoubtskillsNever doubt my skillsComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Necromancer20
cleanerofwildernessCleanser of the wildernessComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Paladin20
bewarefoulddemonsBeware, foul demons and beastsComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Barbarian20
puregedthelandPurged the land of the shadowComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Amazon20
99problems99 problems but the wolf ain’t oneComplete the game on Hell difficulty with the Druid20
It’s all in the execution!Complete the game on Hell difficulty with the Assassin20
Explorer ReportingAcquire all Act waypoints with a character60
progamermoveI’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer moveReach Level 99 with a Hardcore Character60
shinyShiny!Use the Horadric Cube to create a Perfect Gem30
coloursrainbowAll the colors of the rainbowUse the Horadric Cube to create a Prismatic Amulet25
yourservicestillrequiredYour service is still requiredRepair and Recharge a weapon with the Horadric Cube10
dooeverDo over!Unsocket a piece of equipment using the Horadric Cube10
ithasapurposeIt has a purpose!Obtain the Standard of Heroes50
8sojforitI’ll give you 8 SoJ for itObtain the Stone of Jordan25
havemybowYou have my bowHire a Rogue Scout10
pokepokePoke PokeHire a Desert Mercenary10
theycallmetimThey call me…TimHire an Iron Wolf10
crushyourenemeiesCrush your enemiesHire a Barbarian10
macabremarkMacabre MarkCollect 20 player ears30
maybegetownshopMaybe I should set up my own shop?Vender 1,000 items15
theyseeemerollingThey see me rollin’, they hatin’Equip all inventory slots with unique items20
itwasntallbaddreamIt wasn’t all a bad dreamComplete the game on Nightmare difficulty20
isitiwarmIs it warm in here or wast that you?Complete the game on Hell difficulty25
iliketheheatI like the heatComplete the game with each class on Hell60
youainthardcoreYou ain’t hardcore, unless you live hardcoreComplete the game with a Hardcore character50
completedgrimoireCompleted GrimoireComplete all act Quests with a character25
Accessorizing for fun and profitAccessorizing for the fun and profitEquip a complete set35
Rus Do FahRus Do Far!Successfully complete a rune word20
Rus Do Fah So La Te DoRus Do Fah So La Te Do!Upgrade a rune using the Horadric Cube15
Card CounterCard CounterAcquire a unique item from gambling15

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