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Diablo 2 circlets

Diablo 2 circlets originally had no in-game graphic and when wearing one your character looked to be bare-headed. In Diablo 2 Resurrected, circlet visuals have now been added. This can be seen on the Naj’s Ancient Vestige set (see image).

Naj's Ancient Vestige
Naj’s Ancient Vestige – Click to Enlarge

The circlets main attraction is their ability to have far more and better mods than any other type of headgear. Virtually every mod that can be found on Amulets can be found on circlets, such as +1 and +2 to a character’s skills, +1-3 to all skill trees, all sorts of resistance including Prismatic, and tons of charges of skills.

You can also get weapon modifiers on circlets, with bonuses to max and minimum damage, as well as +% damage, Attack Rating, mana and life leech, and much more.


  • Circlets have no strength requirements and don’t provide very much defense.
  • Magic Level: This is a property found only on the four types of Circlets, and no other types of armor or weapons, as of v1.09. (Amulets had +2 in this stat in earlier versions of the game.) “Magic Level” is a number that adds to the Mlvl of the monster on drops, or your Clvl on gambles, and determines the highest level modifiers you can get on that item.

For example, you need to be Clvl 90 to gamble an amulet with +2 to character skills on it, but if you gamble a Tiara, which has a magical level of 13, you could get +2 skills at Clvl 77. This is obviously a good thing, as you can get better mods on any type of Circlet than you can with other items. However they can have higher Clvl reqs as well, so you might have to grow into it.

The Magic Level bonus applies only to mods on the circlet itself, not to mods on other items generated while you are wearing it!

You can get a Tiara or Diadem only by gambling Coronets, not circlets. Coronets are much more expensive to gamble than Circlets, and you could in theory get a M’avina’s True Sight by gambling Coronets, but the odds of even getting a Diadem are very poor, so the odds of getting a Set Diadem would be astronomical.

  • Item Level: Is used in many in-game calculations, including which monsters can drop an item, what Clvl you need to be to have that item offered to gamble on it, and more.
  • Clvl Req: A character must be at least this level to equip the item.

Diablo 2 Circlets

ItemItem NamePropertiesMisc Stats
Diablo 2 Circlet


20-30 Defense
35 Durability
Str Req: None
Item Level: 24
Clvl Req: 16
Magic Level: 3
Max Sockets: 2
Norm: 1
NM/Hell: 2
Diablo 2 Coronet


30-40 Defense
30 Durability
Str Req: None
Item Level: 52
Clvl Req: 39
Magic Level: 8
Max Sockets: 2
Norm: 1
NM/Hell: 2
Diablo 2 Tiara


40-50 Defense
25 Durability
Str Req: None
Item Level: 70
Clvl Req: 52
Magic Level: 13
Max Sockets: 3
Norm: 1
NM: 2
Hell: 3
Diablo 2 Diadem


50-60 Defense
20 Durability
Str Req: None
Item Level: 85
Clvl Req: 64
Magic Level: 18
Max Sockets: 3
Norm: 1
NM: 2
Hell: 3

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