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diablo 2 attributes

Each class has key attributes. Some of these attributes are more important to specific classes than others. Whether you’re a caster or fighter, how you assign your attribute points will determine the build path you of down for each class.

Key Diablo 2 attributes

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality
  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Life
  • Mana

These attributes are shown on the character sheet in-game and are defined as follows:


Strength in Diablo 2 increases damage and determines what armor and weapons a character can wield. Strength only increases damage slightly but does allow you to equip heavier and often better gear.

As well as assigning points into Strength, it can also be increased via spells, charm, armor, and weapons. As soon as an item such as this is removed, the effect it gives to your strength is also removed. Increases to strength from such items are indicated by blue text on your strength level on the character sheet. Be careful if you are using items that boost your strength and you subsequently remove them. Equipped items may be dependant on that strength bonus from the item you just removed. Charms will always be in effect if inside your inventory, not your stash.


Dexterity determines how nimble your character is.

Dexterity affects your Defense, your Block with shields, and your base damage with ranged weapons such as bows or javelins.


Vitality improves your life and stamina. How you build your character and skill will determine how much you should invest in vitality.


Energy determines how much mana a character can hold in their Orb.

In general, players do not invest a lot of points in energy as they gain more energy automatically as they level-up. Energy can also be increased through gear. The Sorceress may be an exception depending on your Sorceress build.


Stamina directly affects whether your character can run or walk. This is indicated by a yellow bar in the user interface. Should stamina run out, you will be forced to walk. If it is completely depleted you must stop for a second and allow it to start recharging. It will continue to recharge as you walk but if you start running again it will deplete.

What you wear will also determine the rate of stamina loss. Heavy armor will cause stamina to decrease quicker than light armor for example.

Paladins can use their Vigor aura to increase his stamina and that of party members. The Barbarian can also increase stamina with his Increase Stamina skill. Stamina is also tied to Defense.


Life is your health and can be replenished with Healing Potions (heal over time) and Rejuvenation Potions (instant).

Life can also be increased with the Potion of Life which is Act 3, quest reward from Alkor which grants +20 life permanently.


Mana is used to cast spells and is linked to the player’s Energy. Mana does regenerate slowly but can also be replenished on leveling up or using a mana shrine.

The Sorceress can also use her Warmth skill to increase the rate at which mana replenishes. The Paladin can also utilise the Meditation skill which boosts mana regeneration rate of himself and the party.

Mana regeneration can also be affected by item prefixes and suffixes.


How you place your Diablo 2 attributes very much depends on your class and how you build the character. Some may require more dexterity while others will other may require a larger mana pool. Over two decades, many different builds have been tried and test and players need to find a build they feel most comfortable with.

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