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What is ATMA?

ATMA is a Single Player muling program for Diablo II (copyright Blizzard North) by Hakai_no_Tenshi. It stands for “A Tenshi Muling Application” and is designed to help you organize and categorize your Diablo II characters, mules and items. The idea behind this is to be able to read your character/item files quickly without having to open them up in the game and to be able to transfer items without the problems of previously available editors/muling programs.

What Does ATMA Do?

ATMA V supports Diablo 2 Standard and the Lord of Destruction (LOD) expansion, versions 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10 final and 1.11. Major features include:

  • Easily move items with drag and drop between Diablo 2 characters.
  • Display character and mercenary stats and skills.
  • Store unlimited items in a special ATMA stash that automaticaly sorts by item type.
  • Dump item info for individual items, characters, or whole ATMA stashes into a text file for easy sorting and searching.
  • Correctly decode and identify all items, including uniques, runewords, rare, set, and crafted items.
  • Detailed item information on socketed/gemmed items.
  • Display internal item infomation, such as version number, ilvl, and fingerprint.
  • Color coded Diablo 2 style popup item descriptions.
  • Support for .d2i (original Jamella format) files.
  • AutoGather feature that autoloads many .d2i files into a single ATMA stash.
  • Dupe Detector that will scan through characters, stashes, and item files to detect duplicate items.
  • Support for 1.10s beta items.
  • FileWatch module that auto-detects if opened character files have changed.
  • Transfer and store gold with the Bank of ATMA.
  • Automatic creation of backup files.
  • Change character names.
  • Quick command line character/item identification.
  • Easy-to-use and accurate Drop Calculator for 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10 and 1.11.

Download ATMA

ATS will convert your 1.10a mules/stashes to 1.10s (i.e 1.10″a” “to” 1.10″s”) and it is now part of the ATMA distribution. It should reside in the same folder as the ATMA executable.


ATMA can open and display all Diabo II charcters files (.d2s) from any version through 1.10. Open multiple charcters and drag and drop items between them. View items on your character (in both weapon slots and in both hands), in the backpack, and in the stash in one easy view. You can also view and move items of hired mercenariesiron golems, and character corpses.


The character display screen has space for your body, inventory, Horadric cube, belt, and private stash. It also includes a space for the cursor if you have picked up an item in-game and have not yet placed it. The Buffer is a special ATMA only, temporary spot to store items if you are moving them around or want to switch items between the CharacterCorpse, or Mercanary tabs.



The Corpse Items tab that allows you to view and transfer items to and from your corpse (if you have died). You can mule items from them just as you would from your character’s inventory. If you want to easily transfer an item from the corpse to your inventory or vice versa, you can drag the item to the Buffer, switch tabs, and move the item from there.



ATMA has a Mercenary Items tab that allows you to easily transfer items to and from your hireling as well as view their stats. You can mule items from them just as you would from your character’s inventory. If you want to easily transfer an item from the mercenary to your inventory or vice versa, you can drag the item to the buffer, switch tabs, and move the item from there.

The Iron Golem space in the lower right shows the item used to create Iron Golems for Necromancer characters who have created them.



ATMA also displays charcter stat information, including class, level, experience, gold, current map seed, and class-specific skill information. The Map Seed shows the current seed used to create the single player maps. Note that the Character Stats are base stats listed before any bonuses from items.


Quests / Waypoints

The Quest/Waypoint tab allows you to view all of the completed quests and waypoints for each character for each difficulty level without having to open the character in a game. Choose the difficulty level from the drop down list on the bottom (Normal, Nighmare, or Hell) and choose the Act from the tabs at the top. It works just like the Quest and Waypoint screens in the game.

The quest page also indicates if the Cow King has been killed. Look in the lower left for the text “* Cow King is dead”.



ATMA supports all items available in Diabo II. It also supports an import and export of single .d2i item files with a detailed item preview. This includes item type, durability, internal fingerprint, version, requirements, item level, and modifier stats.


ATMA will corrently identify rare, crafted, unique, set, runeword, and jeweled items.


With ATMA you can conviently store your collection of Diabo II items in a .d2x eXtended item file. This will store and sort based on item type. To add an item to the stash, simply drag it over from your character or an Item View.


The ATMA stash also includes a side-by-side comparison window so you can easilt compare two items.



ATMA comes with a nifty DupeDetector module which lets you load a bunch of files and compare the items in them for dupes. You may dump the duped item info to a text file. The format of this file is looks like the regular dump info file. The File Selector for the DupeDetector has the MULTISELECT option turned on so you can use ‘shift’ and ‘ctrl’ to select multiple files at once.

Note: The DupeDetector now loads the files incrementally and runs each one through the detector as needed instead of pre-loading everything, so it should be faster and better behaved than previous versions. You can now give it the option of loading the data without graphics. This means that as soon as it is done with the data, it releases the memory associated thereby making it less of a memory hog. This is now the preferred way of doing things.



You can mule gold between characters using the ATMA bank. You can transfer gold from a character’s inventory or a character’s stash into the bank and back again. This bank has one account that will hold gold for ALL of your characters. This allows you to store gold from any chacter from any version. Hence, all the gold going to waste on your dusty 1.09 characters can be better served by transferring it to the bank and then to your 1.10 characters.

To transfer, open a character and choose Bank of ATMA from the “Utility” menu. Choose the type of transfer (to or from inventory or stash), enter the amount, and click the Finish Transaction button. Gold is automaticly transfered to or from the Available Funds.



The Auto-Gather feature under the File menu will gather all your .d2i files in a folder and dump them into an existing stash. The format it uses to read the files is the same version as the stash, so make sure that all those .d2i files came from the same Diablo version.



The Drop Calculator (introduced in ATMA 5.04) supports versions 1.07-1.11 and includes many features. This calculator will define the odds of finding any given item based on the monster or monsters selected, or will give the odds for each monster given a selected item. You can input the “players” setting and magic find, then choose the desired monster, monster type, item, or item type.

The Drop Calculator is packed full of great features:

  1. Full support for Diablo 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10 and 1.11.
  2. Correct scaling of creature mlvl and TC upgrade in Diablo 1.10+ (Nightmare and Hell).
  3. Sorting of results by name, probability or creature location.
  4. Display of probabilities as fraction, percentage or odds.
  5. Sorting of probabilities in ascending or descending order.
  6. Ability to search by monster or by item
  7. Full support for “players X” and character MF
  8. Both item and monster search allow you to customize the parameters by which you choose to search
  9. Changing either your MF or # of players requires the user to hit the “Search” button.


For the mathematically inclined, the options for calculating drops are:

  • Chance Per Drop
    Let the probability for an item to drop per unique drop path be p_i and let the frequency for each of those paths be c_i. Then, the probability per drop is simply SUM(p_i, i=1…n).
  • Chance Per Kill
    The probability of at least one item per kill is 1 – PRODUCT( (1 – p_i)^(c_i) )
  • Expected # of items per kill
    The expected # of items per kill is given by SUM(p_i * c_i, i=1…n).The default value (and most reliable) is the second option above since you would like to know what your odds of finding at least one of those items across all potential drops.

Download ATMA


Q: What does ATMA NOT do?

  1. ATMA does not auto-detect if an item is a dupe. There is no way to do this unless there is a database file that contains all possible dupes to compare against and that is not happening any time soon.
  2. ATMA does not currently auto-detect if an item is hacked. This is a possible module that may be added later.
  3. ATMA does not allow you to edit charcacters or items, and most likely never will.
  4. Currently, ATMA does not let you mule between different game versions. This is a feature that may be added later.

Q: How do I tell it my [insert item name here] is legit?

The short answer is, you can’t. ATMA has no way of knowing if the item you got was found legitly or hacked or created using unscrupulous methods. The best think to do is look at the items stats, fingerprint, and the ilvl. If any of those look wrong (like a Windforce with an ilvl of ‘1’ and a fingerprint of 0x00000000), then it is probably not legit.

Q: Why does my item have a GUID? Why is it ‘0xffffffff 0xdeadbeef 0x0’?

There is nothing wrong with the item. The GUID was used in the beta versions of 1.10 (1.10a and 1.10s), but was eliminated in 1.10 final. Items from version 1.10a that have been upgraded to 1.10s and 1.10 final with the ATS utility are automaticly assigned the GUID ‘0xffffffff 0xdeadbeef 0x0’.

Q: Can ATMA convert all of my version 1.X items to version 1.Y?

No. There is no way for ATMA to convert items bewteen versions. The best way to do so is to place the 1.X items onto a 1.X character, open them in a 1.Y Diablo 2 game, then save them. The game will convert the character and all of the items to the new version 1.Y.

Q: Wouldn’t item version conversion be a great addition to ATMA?

Yes it would, but it is a nontrivial task, and is not going to be added any time soon unless you offer to write the code for it.

Q: Ack! I made a mistake and ATMA deleted my items! What to do?

Q: What are all these .org files? Do I need them? Can I delete them?

Don’t panic. If you screw up or lose an item, simply uncheck the “autosave” option, close the stash or mule the item came from, and reopen it. Everything should be there. If you accidently save after losing an item, ATMA creates .org backup files. Simply look in the folder where the file (d2s or d2x) resides, and there should be a .org backup file (ATMA creates up to 9). You can rename the backup .org to the correct extension (.d2s or .d2x) and start again.

Q: My stash is corrupted and some items won’t load or transfer to my characters or open correctly in the game. Why?

The problem is because of mixing items and stashes from different versions. Each stash you create is tied to a game version, and only items from that version can be placed into that stash (i.e. you have to put 1.10 items into a 1.10 stash) If you do not, that will corrupt your files. You should be able to fix it by opening the stash in ATMA:

  1. Load the stash while responding “yes” to all the prompts
  2. Make sure the file actually loads and displays the corrupt items
  3. Right click and export those items are not the same version as the stash
  4. Delete those exported items from the stash and save
  5. Create a new stash using the old version number
  6. Import those old version items into the old version stash

Q: ATMA lost my best items and I can’t get them back and its all your fault. Can I get reimbursement?

Losing items due to program/computer crashes or unforseen errors is not really part of any liability on ATMA’s part… come to think of, ATMA has no liability whatsoever.

Q: ATMA can’t find my characters and I can’t open them. What’s wrong?

First, make sure that you have a Single Player character. ATMA will not access your characters from the BattleNet realms. If you can open them in single player with Diablo II but can not find them with ATMA, try this:

  1. Start up ATMA
  2. Go to the File menu, Select “Load D2S file”
  3. Navigate to where you installed Diablo II (usually C:\Program Files\Diablo II)
  4. Go into the “save” folder
  5. Look for the .d2s file with the same name as your character
  6. Load the file

Alternatively, you can

  1. Start up ATMA
  2. Go to the “Configure” menu
  3. Select “File Association”
  4. Select “Associate D2S files with ATMA”
  5. Click “Accept”

Now, Windows will automatically associate your .d2s files with ATMA. Look for the .d2s file with Windows Explorer in the save folder. It should have the ATMA icon now. Double click the file and it should load up in ATMA. If you can not find the save folder, open “My Computer” and click “Search”. Search for files named “*.d2s” (without quotes). This will find all of the .d2s character files on your computer. You can then double click them to open them in ATMA.

Q: Are there known bugs?

Most all of the known bugs have been addressed.

Q: What is a “fingerprint”?

The fingerprint data is a randomly generated number which is assigned to the item upon creation. In reality, this number is a seed which the game uses to generate the values for the variable mods on an item. However, this number is so random that it effectively serves as a unique ID for the item.

Q: What is an “ilvl”?

The ilvl (item level) is an indication of where/how the item was generated in game. This number has a legal range from 1 – 99 and is an indicator of what mods can spawn on the item as well as if the item was spawned correctly.

Q: What is a “.d2i” file?

A .d2i contains the raw data for a single item. This was the file format originally used by Jamella (an old item editor). ATMA supports the .d2i format for items from all versions of Daiblo II. However, there is no internal version info in a .d2i file, so it is necessary to manually keep track of which version it is from. Mixing items from different versions is a BAD thing.

Q: Can I mule between softcore and hardcore players?

Yes. Because of the way the stash and the .d2i files work, there is no way to differentiate between a HC item and a SC item. For that reason, it makes no sense to disallow muling between SC and HC.

Q: Does ATMA work with mod X?

Maybe… ATMA is not specificly designed to work with any mods. It uses its own internal data files (not MPQs), so it will not necessarily ID everything correctly if the mod changes those. Also, ATMA does not acomodate larger stashes, inventories, or cubes. The best way to find out if it works is to test it with a backup of your modded characters.

Q: Why do my 1.07 characters always seem to start in ACT 1?

Documentation on 1.07 (which is completely different from 1.09 internally) is impossible to find, so it was hard enough to get what we have now. Better to be sent to ACT 1 than not be able to mule at all.

Q: What’s wrong with my character I created in ShadowMaster?

Any character created in SM will give an error. SM was not the most diligent of programs. Try creating a new mule with ATMA (or Diablo II), swapping the items in SM, then opening the new mule with ATMA.

Q: Is ATMA available for the Mac?

No. Some guy was working on ATMAc for the Mac, but I have no idea what stage it is at. Anyone willing to donate a Mac for ATMAc development will have a happy Doc personally working on it.

Q: Why does ATMA use its own data files and not the MPQ files from Diablo 2 directly? Wouldn’t that save a lot of incompatability problems?

Using the MPQ files implies that it will be only supporting one version, i.e. the one installed on your machine as opposed to it’s current level of support for 1.07, 1.08, 1.09 and 1.10. Just imagine the confusion of trying to open 1.09 character files when you only have 1.10 installed… pure chaos!


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