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Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills

Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills

Amazon - Diablo 2 resurrected Amazon Javelin and Spear SkillsThe Amazon’s Javelin and Spear skills cover a variety of melee and ranged attacks, adding damage, elemental attacks, speed, and more to the character’s combat repertoire.

All of the skills in this tree require a javelin or spear equipped. None of them can be used with other types of weapons, not even the melee attacks, much to the chagrin of various sword-wielding variants.


jabRequired Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Synergies: None
Details: Jab is a rapid triple attack to the same monster. The low mana cost and high accuracy of this make it a very useful melee skill. It works well with spears or javelins. Even with the initial damage penalty it’s still quite a bit better than a plain attack for the speed bonus. Lots of points in Jab are not recommended unless it will be your main skill, since the damage increases are so low per point.

  • In early versions of the game, weapon speed was ignored with this skill, and it was devastating early on with any pike. Weapon speed is now factored in and a fast weapon is essential.
Skill Level Progression

Hunting in the dense rain forests of the Isles Amazon Islands is fraught with many obstacles. Confining overgrowth and fierce indigenous animals conspire to make combat difficult, if not impossible. Early in training, Amazon spear-women must learn to overcome these conditions. By honing their hunting techniques to the point where they are able to deliver many powerful spear thrusts in rapid succession, they learn to finish off one opponent before turning to slay another. The Jab is the most basic of the skills designed to accomplish this tactic.

Power Strike

power strikeRequired Level: 6
Prerequisites: Jab
Requires: A spear or javelin equipped.
Synergies: Points in the following skills increase Power Strike’s damage.

  • Lightning Bolt: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Charged Strike: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Strike: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Fury: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: Power Strike is a melee strike that deals big lightning damage to a single target. There is a considerably attack rating bonus as well.

  • This skill was useless before v1.10. Now in v1.11 it’s got potential thanks to all of the synergies, though most Spearazons prefer Charged Strike since it can damage multiple targets as well as kill a single monster.
Skill Level Progression
SlvlMana CostAR +X%SlvlMana CostAR +X%SlvlMana CostAR +X%SlvlMana CostAR +X%

Zerae is the bride of Hefaetrus, and her dominion is vengeance and storms. If an Amazon warrior is on a mission to right a great wrong and has proven herself worthy, the goddess will empower her with the ability to add the electrical power of the mighty hurricanes of the Southern Seas to her stabbing spear attacks.

Poison Javelin

poison javelinCasting Delay: 0.5 Seconds
Required Level: 6

  • Plague Javelin: +12% Poison Damage Per Level

Prerequisites: None
Details: This skill turns a thrown javelin into a poison delivery system, dealing poison damage to the target and leaving a cloud of poisonous gas behind the javelin that will sicken monsters that walk through it.

  • The high damage numbers are deceptive, since they work over such a long time that the damage per second is not at all impressive.
Skill Level Progression
SlvlManaPoison Dmg.Dur.SlvlManaPoison Dmg.Dur.SlvlManaPoison Dmg.Dur.SlvlManaPoison Dmg.Dur.
14.025- 37865.2196- 22518116.5656- 73228167.71484- 166238
24.246- 621075.5250- 28120126.7796- 89030178.01750- 195340
34.575- 931285.7309- 34322137.0950- 106232188.22034- 226442
44.7109- 1311496.0412- 45924147.21115- 124834198.52337- 259544
55.0150- 17516106.2528- 58926157.51293- 144836208.72659- 294646

Amazon healers have long since ascertained the potent toxicity of their native flora. Any Amazon warrior devoted to this study is able to recognize particularly lethal strains of plant life, even while travelling in foreign lands. This knowledge allows her to create weapons from particularly virulent woods.


impaleRequired Level: 12
Prerequisites: Jab
Synergies: None.
Details: Impale is a single-hit melee attack with very high damage and attack rating bonuses. On the downside, it is a very slow strike, can be interrupted, and causes huge durability loss to the weapon.

Mana Cost3
Skill Level Progression
SlvlAttack ModDurabilityDamage +X%SlvlAttack ModDurabilityDamage +X%SlvlAttack ModDurabilityDamage +X%SlvlAttack ModDurabilityDamage +X%

Although deftness and superior hand-eye coordination are the hallmarks of the Amazon warrior, they are also well known for the ferocity of their attacks. An experienced warrior is able to focus her fury and deliver blows so powerful that they have been known to shatter their weapon in the process.

Lightning Bolt

lightning boltRequired Level: 12
Prerequisites: Poison Javelin
Synergies: Points in these skills boost the damage of Lightning Bolt:

  • Power Strike: +3% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Charged Strike: +3% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Strike: +3% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Fury: +3% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: This throwing skill turns a javelin into a sizzling bolt of lightning.

  • This skill initially added a bit of lightning damage to the usual javelin damage. It’s since been modified, and now converts 100% of physical damage to lightning damage, plus the listed lightning damage. It can be useful to deal with physical immune monsters.
Skill Level Progression
SlvlMana CostLightning DamageSlvlMana CostLightning DamageSlvlMana CostLightning DamageSlvlMana CostLightning Damage
16.01- 4067.21- 100118.51- 178169.71- 268
26.21- 5277.51- 112128.71- 1961710.01- 296
36.51- 6487.71- 124139.01- 2141810.21- 324
46.71- 7698.01- 142149.21- 2321910.51- 352
57.01- 88108.21- 160159.51- 2502010.71- 380

If an Amazon warrior has proven herself worthy, the goddess Zerae can empower her with the ability to strike down enemies by hurling javelins charged with power as if she had snatched lighting from the heavens.

Charged Strike

charged strikeRequired Level: 18
Prerequisites: Jab, Poison Javelin, Power Strike, Lightning Bolt
Synergies: Points in the following skills add substantially to Charged Strike’s damage.

  • Power Strike: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Bolt: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Strike: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Fury: +10% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: A melee attack that sends out Charged Bolts. This skill is deceptively powerful, just like the Sorceress’ Charged Bolt skill, since while the damage of each bolt isn’t much, the skill sends out a tremendous number of them at higher levels. (Many more than the description would lead you to believe.)

Skill Level Progression
SlvlMana CostDamageBoltsSlvlMana CostDamageBoltsSlvlMana CostDamageBoltsSlvlMana CostDamageBolts
14.01- 30365.21- 904116.51- 1625167.71- 2426
24.21- 42375.51- 1024126.71- 1785178.01- 2626
34.51- 54385.71- 1144137.01- 1945188.21- 2826
44.71- 66396.01- 1304147.21- 2105198.51- 3026
55.01- 784106.21- 1465157.51- 2266208.71- 3227

An Amazon devoted to the path of Zerae will be able to harness the forces of vengeance and storms. During Rites of Vengeance, Zerae will confer to the Amazon attacks that unleash a wild burst of electrical energy, striking down nearby enemies. A grizzled veteran of the Time of Troubles once said: “Spear-women walking the ‘Path of Zerae’ are best given wide berth, for they can be as violent and indiscriminate as the storms on the Twin Seas“.

Plague Javelin

plague javelinCasting Delay: 4 Seconds
Required Level: 18
Prerequisites: Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt

  • Poison Javelin: +10% Poison Damage Per Level

Details: Plague Javelin adds poison damage to thrown javelins. The projectile leaves a trail of poison gas behind it, and successful hits create a huge exploding cloud of smoke that will poison every monster that moves through it.

  • An awesomely fun skill to use when playing solo, especially on crowds; the poison damage isn’t sufficient to kill quickly in larger games.
Skill Level Progression
SlvlMana CostDmg.Poison LengthAR +X%SlvlMana CostDmg.Poison LengthAR +X%SlvlMana CostDmg.Poison LengthAR +X%SlvlMana CostDmg.Poison LengthAR +X%
17.023- 373.030%69.5156- 1795.075%1112.0481- 5147.0120%1614.51040- 10829.0165%
27.542- 583.439%710.0194- 2195.484%1213.0578- 6127.4129%1715.01233- 12779.4174%
38.065- 833.848%810.5235- 2625.893%1313.0682- 7187.8138%1815.51439- 14859.8183%
48.591- 1114.257%911.0310- 3396.2102%1413.0794- 8338.2147%1916.01657- 170510.2192%
59.0122- 1434.666%1011.5391- 4226.6111%1514.0913- 9538.6156%2016.51888- 193710.6201%

Practised and cunning warriors are able to incorporate poisonous vegetation into the organs of wildlife, creating highly infectious and deadly bladders that the Amazons affix to their javelins. These javelins strike a target and explode into noxious and putrescent clouds. Entire armies of creatures and of men have been slaughtered by the ingenious use of these biological agents. The choking cloud created by a plague javelin will incapacitate even the strongest foes.


fendRequired Level: 24
Prerequisites: Jab, Impale
Synergies: None.

Details: Rapidly strikes several close targets.

Mana Cost5
Skill Level Progression
SlvlAR +X%Damage +X%SlvlAR +X%Damage +X%SlvlAR +X%Damage +X%SlvlAR +X%Damage +X%

Once an Amazon warrior has attained mastery over the spear, she can engage and destroy multiple enemies in close quarter battle. Many of those enemies will be lucky to be alive after the vicious onslaughts of these attacks have ended. Grand Mistress Celestia was able to demonstrate this ability to the Initiates of Athulua by striking down a dozen experienced warriors in the space of an arrow’s flight.

Lightning Strike

lightning strikeRequired Level: 30
Prerequisites: Jab, Poison Javelin, Power Strike, Lightning Bolt, Charged Strike
Synergies: Points in the following skills will boost the lightning damage of this skill.

  • Power Strike: +8% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Bolt: +8% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Charged Strike: +8% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Fury: +8% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: A melee attack that sends out a shot of Chain Lightning that can bounce back and forth between multiple targets.

  • This skill is extremely powerful against mid-sized groups of monsters, but less useful against huge mobs. It’s almost useless against single targets.
Mana Cost9
Skill Level Progression
SlvlLightning DamageHitsSlvlLightning DamageHitsSlvlLightning DamageHitsSlvlLightning DamageHits
11- 25261- 757111- 14012161- 21517
21- 35371- 858121- 15513171- 23518
31- 45481- 959131- 17014181- 25519
41- 55591- 11010141- 18515191- 27520
51- 656101- 12511151- 20016201- 29521

Through focus and intense devotion to Zerae, an experienced warrior can harness Zerae’s gift of lighting to great effect. Such a warrior is able to call upon the Goddess’ might to destroy her enemies, unleashing a bolt of lighting that arcs from foe to foe.

Lightning Fury

lightning furyRequired Level: 30
Prerequisites: Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, Plague Javelin
Synergies: Points in the following skills will boost the lightning damage of this skill:

  • Power Strike: +1% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Bolt: +1% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Charged Strike: +1% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Lightning Strike: +1% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: Lightning Fury enchants a thrown javelin to release multiple bolts of lightning, one at each monster in range, when the javelin strikes a monster. This is the most powerful skill in the entire game, when used against a large mob of monsters. The more targets in range, the stronger Lightning Fury is.

  • Pierce works wonderfully with LF, since the spell will trigger each time it hits a target, or hits a solid object (such as a wall) after passing through a target. A very high level of Pierce is highly recommended for Javazons using this skill.
  • A detailed description of how Lightning Fury works, including screenshots, can be seen in this strategy guide.
Skill Level Progression
SlvlMana CostLightning DamageBoltsSlvlMana CostLightning DamageBoltsSlvlMana CostLightning DamageBoltsSlvlMana CostLightning DamageBolts
110.01- 402612.51- 14071115.01- 270121617.51- 42017
210.51- 603713.01- 16081215.51- 300131718.01- 46018
311.01- 804813.51- 18091316.01- 330141818.51- 50019
411.51- 1005914.01- 210101416.51- 360151919.01- 54020
512.01- 12061014.51- 240111517.01- 390162019.51- 58021

Possibly the most devastating, and certainly the most spectacular, of all the techniques learned by an Amazon warrior is Lightning Fury. The High Priestess of Zerae will teach select Amazons the secret of focusing the power of the goddess, consecrating a javelin to become the ultimate weapon of vengeance. The energy contained within the javelin is so powerful that its electrical energy explodes from its stricken target, releasing bolts of lightning that strike down hapless foes nearby. Swift and powerful is the justice administered by an eminent Amazon.