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Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon


This powerful woman warrior belongs to nomadic bands who roam the plains near the South Sea. The wandering of these groups often brings them into conflict with other peoples, so the Amazon is accustomed to fighting to defend her own. This lifestyle has made her fiercely independent and able to weather severe hardship and travel. While her skill with the bow rivals that of the Rogues, the Amazon is also adept in the use of spears and other throwing weapons, as well as in hand-to-hand combat. The Amazon is much sought after as a mercenary, in which type of service she will be loyal as long as her own ends are also served.

Statistics and Figures

Starting AttributesEach Character LevelAttribute Point Effect
  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Vitality: 20
  • Energy: 15
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Stamina: 84
  • Mana: 15
  • Life: +2
  • Stamina: +1
  • Mana: +1.5
  • 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life
  • 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina
  • 1 Energy point gives 1.5 Mana


Here is our female warrior, not to be confused as a beefed-up Rogue for as well as being much more effective with the bow she also has the potential to master the use of javelins, spears and some magic.

Her strength lies in ranged attacks, and as well as being able to fire a bow or throw a javelin, she can enhance these attacks by way of imbuing the weapons with various magical effects such as poison, cold, and lightning. There are also skills that will improve her overall proficiency in their uses, for instance, ‘Penetrate’ and ‘Pierce’ in her Passive & Magic tree will increase her % chance to hit and ability to strike more than one monster with an arrow or javelin. She has six Passive skills at her disposal and all of them are quite useful to most Amazon builds.

The Amazon begins equipped with a stack of javelins. There are many types of javelins that you’ll find later in the game, with more damaging ones that require more strength and dexterity to equip, and have various max allowed per stack.

The Amazon can use her starting equipment to stab or throw, or switch to a bow as soon as she finds one of those. She’s good with spears also, a decent early spear find and a point in Jab can make lighter work of Act One, though you’ll need to work to keep enough mana early on.

Javelin & Spear

All the skills in this tree work with javelins, either throwing them or using them for melee. When using spears, only the melee skills will work, since spears can not be thrown. All of the elemental type attacks in this tree are lightning or poison, there are no fire or cold attacks in this tree.


There are many types of javelins to be found or purchased in Diablo II, but none are ever magical, unique, rare, or Set items. Just low quality, normal, and superior. In the expansion throwing weapons are much improved, and there are magical and rare javelins, as well as two  unique Amazon javelins, Titan’s Revenge and Thunderstroke. Javelins can be used for melee, but they are intended to be thrown, and will always do higher damage as a projectile (with the exception of the Hyperion Javelin and Balrog Spear in the Lord of Destruction expansion, which have a higher max damage when used in melee – they have a higher average damage when thrown, however). In addition, there are various skills that only work with thrown javelins. The melee spear skills work with javelins or spears.

Javelins aren’t a bad melee weapon; they have a quick attack rate when used with Jab, and all have a range of 3, better than a lot of one-handed melee weapons. You should use a shield with your javelin, check the various Amazon strategy guides for equipment appraisals.


All spears are two-handed, meaning you can never use a shield with one. Though spears have a slow attack speed, Amazons aren’t too bad with them, especially with Jab and Fend adding to your attack rate. Spearazons are much less popular than Bowazons or Javazons, but can be very strong through Nightmare, and are still viable and fun to play in Hell. One annoying aspect of spears, including the Amazon class-specific types, is their generally low durability, so get used to needing repairs pretty regularly. Also, beware of the Fend bug – when using the skill Fend, if something triggers your amazon’s dodge/avoid/evade skills, all Fend attacks after that will miss, but you will continue the Fend until the attack completes.

Bear in mind that her passive skills in the aptly-named ‘Passive & Magic’ tree will further benefit the chosen skills in this tree.

The fastest way to kill a single target for a Javazon or Spearazon is to use Jab, combined with a large amount of crushing blow, to bring the enemy’s hit points down by a percentage with each strike, or use the Charged Strike skill to hit with multiple charged bolts, for a large amount of damage per bolt. This is a dangerous thing to attempt, however, since it means you will be in melee range while you bring them down.

Damage bonuses are something to consider with javelins, or the Amazon class-specific spears. Regular javelins add .75% damage per point of each stat, while Amazon class-specific javelins and spears add 80% from strength, and 50% from dex. Most other melee weapons are 1% damage per point of strength, with no damage bonus from dex at all. This means that you can add bonus damage by adding both to your Spearazons strength or dexterity, but each individual stat point will add less damage than you’ll get with a normal spear, such as a Pike or Lance. Dexterity is more useful to add than strength, generally speaking, since it increases your Attack Rating, Defense, and blocking, while strength just boosts damage (and helps you meet item requirements).

Passive & Magic

This tree was originally called ‘Healing, Movement and Repair’ but as the skills changed, Blizzard changed the name to better reflect the collection of skills and spells in it.

There are six passive skills in this tree, most of which are highly recommended for nearly every type of Amazon play. The three defensive skills, Dodge, Avoid, and Evade are all great for being hit less often, and are especially useful to Bowazons, as they have no shield to help with blocking attacks. For dealing damage, Critical Strike {Clvl 1} and Penetrate {Clvl 18} are both very useful for all types of Amazons, adding to damage and accuracy, and Pierce {Clvl 30} is essential to boost for any projectile-launching Amazon, whether javelins or arrows/bolts are the projectiles of choice.

Although the Necromancer rules the summoning and control areas of the game, the Amazon possesses two minion skills as well. Decoy {Clvl 24} and Valkyrie {Clvl 30}. Both will take some heat off the Amazon, but only Valkyrie can inflict damage on her foes, and is mobile and longer-lasting.

Most of the skills in this tree have “diminishing returns”, which means they increase quickly with the first few points you put in, and then add much less bonus at higher and higher levels. Despite this, some of them are still well worth multiple points, since with some skills adding just another percent or two is very useful.

Bow & Crossbow

Bow is the weapon of choice for Rogue players from Diablo I, and there are a lot more options and techniques to using a bow in Diablo II than there were in Diablo. Long gone are the days of shooting nothing but a steady stream of normal arrows, in Diablo II there are ten bow skills to boost your attacks, which are also assisted by several skills from the Passive and Magic skill tree. There are also a number of types of bows and crossbows in Diablo II, all of them with varying damage, firing rates, and strength/dexterity requirements.

Pre D2R Note: Prior to v1.04, all bows were bugged, and the damage from any sort of +%damage modifier, such as Kings, Merciless, etc did not work. A 10-50 gothic bow with +100% damage would list as 20-100, but would actually do 11-51. Since this problem has been fixed, Bowazons have become a lot more effective, and they are among the best characters in D2X.

All bow skills require some mana to use, (Two exceptions, Magic Arrow at Slvl 13+ is free and Guided Arrow at Slvl 33+.) which makes some sort of mana steal equipment mandatory for any successful Bowazon. At lower levels it’s usually hard to keep enough mana, but as your bow damage goes up, boosted by better bows and more points in dexterity, you’ll find it easier to steal enough mana to keep up a steady attack of bow skills, rather than having to alternate normal attacks with the more damaging bow skills. When using a low damage bow, or shooting monsters that have very few hit points, it’s actually more beneficial to have +mana per kill bonuses than mana leech.

Though two of the early skills, “Magic” and “Multi-shot” Arrow allow (as well as Strafe later on), help on arrow economy, one by creating an arrow from mana and the other by splitting one arrow into many, this isn’t a real benefit since there is seldom a shortage of arrows, and in any event they are cheap and plentiful to purchase from an NPC in any act.

Bear in mind that her passive skills in the aptly-named ‘Passive & Magic’ tree will further benefit the chosen skills in this tree, as will two other, non-passive skills: “Decoy”, which creates an immobile decoy, and “Valkyrie”, which creates an ally, a minion much like the Necromancer’s, to fight for you or just distract monsters, giving you free shots at them.

Socketed bows can be very useful at early levels, especially with chipped or flawed gems adding elemental damage, or poison. They aren’t the super low level weapon they were in D2C anymore, since Clvl requirements have been added to gems in D2X, but early on you can probably do a lot better with a bow that has 2 or 3 chipped topaz or rubies or emeralds than with any other bow you’ll find at that point.


The Amazons are women warriors who hail from a group of islands in the Twin seas, near the border of the Great Ocean. Only the permanently snow-covered peak of Mount Karcheus breaks the expanses of lush forests on the islands.

The Amazons are a relatively isolated culture. Adapting over the centuries to their tropical milleu, they have built magnificent cities in the forest canopy. These cities are an architectural phenomenon and a source of great pride to the Amazons. They do not follow the teachings of the Zakarum, but instead practice a polytheistic religion that adheres to the strict principles of Order. Their oracles long ago predicted the Dark Exile, and they have been preparing to combat it ever since. Amazons regard the destruction of the Three Prime Evils as their destiny, ushering in a new era when mortal men and women, no longer merely playthings for the beings of the Outer Realms, can at long last take their rightful place in the universe.

The Amazons are a seafaring people, one of the first to have made trade contact with both the kingdoms of the West and with Kejhistan in the East. Their prominence in the world’s trade establishment has afforded their warriors the reputation they currently enjoy as cunning strategists and skilled combatants. Much sought after as mercenaries, they are expert soldiers and extremely loyal — as long as the assignment does not conflict with their strict sense of ethics.

There pantheon of gods consists of a well-defined hierarchy, each member upholding some segment of the balance of Order. It is this strong sense of order that drives the Amazon people to achieve greatness in even the smallest of their endeavours. Their prime deity is Athulua, who with her consort, Kethryes, rules over the seasons and the weather. Under these goddesses are a wide assortment of lesser deities. Each responsible for his or her own sphere of influence among the Amazon people’s daily life. The Amazons believe this pantheon is the remnant of the original inhabitants that settled the islands centuries ago. According to ancient records, they share the same name as these gods, although aspects of their personalities seem to have evolved over the centuries.

Traits and Abilities

Runewords such as Delirium can cause even the Amazon to be transformed into a fetish monster. In this case, she can no longer use her bow.

The Amazon is more than competent in hand-to-hand combat. Training in the jungles of her native islands have shaped the Amazon’s skill with the bow and missile weapons into one of unparalleled excellence. With the bow, her only rival are the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. But, unlike her sisters in arm, the Amazon is also highly adept in the use of spears and other thrown weapons. The powers they possess are a combination of Prime magic, Holy magic and ingenious weapon construction.

Amazon Skills