Runeword Calculator updated

Riuneword Calculator Updates

The Diablo 2 Resurrected Runeword Calculator has been updated today. Here at PureDiablo we are always working on something new for the community. While we are working on new projects, we also do our best to improve and iterate on tools that are already live.

Today Nekro has added some more functionality to the Runeword calculator which some users may appreciate.  A new Runeword search filter has been added which will allow users to add a runeword easily and find it based on what runes you have. A checkbox has also been added to show any searched for Runeword whether you have the correct runes or not.

This is a simple addition but does give users an extra way to find runewords based on their names and it doesn’t matter if you have the runes or not.

We’ll continue to iterate on the calculator while we work on other projects. Suggestions are always welcome for changes and improvements of any tools we add to the site. After all, this site has been created for the community and we want it to be as useful a resource as possible.

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A nifty little extra has been added to the Runeworld Calculator.

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