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Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 Dev Stream Recap

dev chat recap

This evening Blizzard’s D2R team held their live chat stream to talk more about some of the changes coming in Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.4. There’s a lot to take in so if you’re short on time, here’s a recap of everything that was discussed during the session.

It’s apparent they are being ambitious with changes but also very aware that there’s a long-standing community of players that want to see changes in the spirit of the original game. With that in mind, they are being cautious.

The PTR will really help the team understand what changes are working and what are not in this new chapter for the game. See the briefer recap notes below the video.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 Dev Stream Recap Notes


  • Ladders season will be 4 months.
  • Once the season ends, Shared Stash will be added as a “withdraw only” tabs until the next reset.
  • New runewords coming to ladders. New ones will be added every new season.
  • Single-player and n0n-ladder players will get those runewords when a ladder concludes.


  • PTR is coming, possibly with some template characters.
  • They will be looming for PvP feedback also.
  • The PTR will be live before 2.4 is fully released.



  • Inner sight radius being increased
  • Slow Missiles is being improved
  • Improve the “lockout” of dodge, avoid, and evade
  • Impale doesn’t rely on Attack Rating and slows on every hit.
  • Fend faster within the animation
  • Valkyrie casting delay reduced.
  • Adjusted scaling (Damage, Mana cost) of Bow and Arrow skills


  • Martial Arts will only consume one charge at a time
  • Updating tooltips and duration consistency for Shadow Disciplines
  • Lightning and Fire Traps are getting improvements in damage/syngeries
  • Blade Skills getting a tuning pass


  • Warcry improved at higher levels
  • Improving Find Potion to incentivise more skill points
  • Improving Leap (and Leap Attack)
  • Berserk syngeries are changing
  • Pierce Chance to Throwing skills
  • Frenzy synergy with Increase Stamina


  • Fire skills with improved physical scaling
  • Arctic Blast has improved scaling, synergies, and targeting
  • Shapeshift can cast elemental buffs
  • Werewolf improved attack rating scaling
  • Fire Claws will receive synergy updates
  • Werebear receiving damage scaling
  • Summons won’t have hidden randomized health values
  • Ravens are being changed
  • Wolves get more damage
  • Spirit summons get physical resistance
  • Spirit Wolves get Cold Damage on their melee
  • Spirit Barb  Thorns improved.


  • Skeletal mages getting larger damage scaling
  • Blood Golem and Fire Golem get damage scaling
  • Iron Golem thorns improved
  • Bone Skills receive scaling improvements
  • Bone Armor damage absorb scaling improved
  • Weaken skill receiving more damage scaling at higher skill points
  • No improvements to summoning at the start of game.


  • Holy Bolt pierces  better synergy
  • Fist of Heavens hold bolt pierces with less casting delays and improved controls
  • Better scaling for offensive auras.Damage based on range to caster.


  • Frost Nova improved
  • Fire & Lightning skills improved with better synergies. This includes Inferno, Blaze, Hydra.
  • Nova will have improved scaling
  • Cold armors diversified.
  • Thunderstorm changes are being developed now.


  • All none Act 2 Mercs are being improved.
  • New Runewods are being created with non-act 2 Mercs in mind.
  • Act Mercs are not being nerfed.
  • Act 1 Mercs with new ranged skills with AOE damage.
  • Act 2 auras not difficulty-restricted
  • Act 3 Mercs buffed
  • Act 5 Get BattleCry with improved HP and Def


  • Plague and Pattern runewords are being added for the ladder. They were in the game files but never used and are being tweaked from the original data. See below for the old stats which will be tweaked according to Blizzard.

  • New runewords that will complement some of the changes coming to the classes. They will be utilising unused runes which are not used much.


  • Set item Updates – They will be changing a little and they will be updating underperforming set items. These include Bul Kathos’ Children for example. Do not think of these changes like Diablo 3 sets. It’s nothing like that.

Zone Changes

  • Zone Changes – Monster level updated to areas. Some areas are being updated, especially optional areas at higher levels. So monster levels will be changed in areas such as the Arachnid Lair. There’s more of an incentive to play in other areas.
  • Durance of Hate area now requires smashing the Compelling Orb.


Diablo Clone

We know the clone is a pain to deal with. This is something we are actively looking to redesign it in a way that it will bring it to a larger audience.

More character slots?

No plans at the moment.

 More changes?

Get the game out is stage one, stage 2 is the PTR but we want to get it right and make the current changes that make sense to the game.

What change are you most excited to see?

We have such an established meta but we’re excited to see how it is when we shake it up.

Are you planning on new bosses or end-game content.

Not at this time.

Any plans to buff items like two-handed swords or staves

This will depend on specific feedback.

More stash tabs?

3 temp stash tabs at the end of the ladder but as of right now there’s nothing been done about stash tabs.

Shareable ignore list?

They are putting a great amount of effort to ending spambots and spam in channels but not a list that can be shared out.

Will these changes affect classic mode?

Some of them will and so the rebalancing of abilities in the Assassin won’t but they are changing how the Sorceress works in at least things that do exist.

New items?

Not planned right now?

Change sot crafting?

Nothing is planned at the moment but it is possible. There are new Cube recipes. You can end up upgrading tiers with set items.

Stacking runes, gems etc.

No, they won’t allow that. Can you stash them in a special stash tab? It’s in discussion.

Loot filters?

Not a themoment, it would have to be done right and it’s tricky getting that right.


The PTR will be the test but they are keeping a close eye on it.

Any bugs you are currently looking at fixing?

Mainly gameplay bugs.

Load screens

The loading screen is always something they are trying to improve. But variables such as hardware comes into play. Hopefully you’ll seee less of it but it’s a constant effort to balance.

PlayersX online?

No, it won’t be on BattleNet.

Consoles News?

Console players will have to wait a little longer for any details on console changes but they will announce things in due course.

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Well-known member

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Reading this, I'm quite pleased to not have moved any SP character.

Not that the changes are completely wrong, we will see. But there's so much left to be done with classic that if it becomes a different game, let's keep it separated.

Will not be an easy task to define balanced setups in SPF tournaments...with new runewords, on the long term, things are going to be wildly different!

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New member

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Great write up, thank you.

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Well-known member

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Great write up, thank you.

Agreed. Much appreciated.

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194 messages 14 likes

will the patch be for ladder and non, while the runewords remain ladder only or the patch is only for ladder?

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2,886 messages 432 likes

will the patch be for ladder and non, while the runewords remain ladder only or the patch is only for ladder?

Patch is for online play, both ladder and non ladder
Ladder runewords are ladder only and the ones that are made in ladder are available non ladder when ladder ends

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