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Diablo 2 Resurrected Item Price Check Tool gets major update

Diablo 2 Resurrected Item Price Check Tool gets major update

Nokk here to say thanks for all your feedback on our Diablo 2 Resurrected item Price Check tool and we wanted to give you a walkthrough of all the new/changed features we’ve added according to what you’ve asked for.

How has the tool changed?

First off, let’s take about our price check front page. From top to bottom we have the Price Ticker, the search bar, item filter, and finally our prices for every item from the original forum guide – arranged by categories that make it easy to find what you are looking for and show the entire range of prices. This is something that users have been asking for and we’ve listened – you want all the info at your fingertips and we serve it up to you. Once you find your item through the categories or the search bar, you are brought to the item page itself to see all the details of the item and what the grades are that make it valuable.

Price Check Tool Changes

The Price Ticker will tell you what items we’ve been working on updating, so you can track our progress as the Ladder season progresses. We know that accurate prices are recent prices and we have to stay on top of the changing market to keep our prices up to date. So when you see a price on the ticker, you know it’s fresh.

Searching and Filtering

Searching items is even more simple now – based on what you asked for. Type in SoJ or Shako or Dungo and you get taken to the right entry. Heck, we even got 3/20/20 to make sure you find the Fine Small Charm entry.

Filter Items by category if you want to see the item grades and details. These categories are based on our guide about What Items to Keep and if you are unfamiliar with the values of these items, you can see them here. High Demand / High Value are the most sought-after D2R items out there – and we’ve listed those first.


Speaking of High Demand / High Value items, I’d like to mention our top-searched category: the D2R20. When you load up the front page, you will see the prices for these items first and foremost. These are items like Annihilus, Ber Rune, Griffon’s Eye, and Andariel’s Visage. Based on user interest, we’ve curated the top 20 items that you’ve searched for and plan on giving these items special attention. Look for frequent updates on these items as the Ladder progresses to make sure you have the most accurate pricing information. We love all of D2R items equally, but sometimes you just got to have a favorite.


So now we have looked at all the features, let’s take a look at the back end of what we’ve changed. Previously, we used numerals to determine a price based on key values. However, we’ve switched to using phrase recognition to list our prices. This brings it more in line with the original guide that everyone seems to have favored. Now we track the number and kind of runes in the history and you can easily see how the price has changed on each individual item’s page. Finally, we can display those runes by quantity in easy-to-read tables on the front page for easy browsing.

Now that you’ve played around with the original tool, we hope that you will give this new version a thorough working over. We want your feedback, please, because it helps us bring you better features and improves the ones we’ve built up. This Price Check tool is going to put the power in your hands to make the best decisions you can when buying or selling on the Marketplace.

What about Rares?

Charsi FoodFinally, there is one area that needs tackling and that’s the value of Rare items. This is an ambitious undertaking, even more so than the price checker tool, but I figured it could be done. We stumbled across a project that was already in the works at We are happy to announce that our users can visit Ozzy’s site, plugin their item’s stats, and get an instant appraisal.

Is that rare ring worth keeping? Did you accidentally sell those boots to Charsi? We know that rare items need an expert to value them, and when you have limited time, you may not have time to wait for an expert’s opinion. So in addition to our Price Check service, you can use Charsi Food to determine for yourself if you have found some trash or a real treasure.

To give you an idea of how it works, you input the items stats, then the stats are compared to the most desirable options for that item, the item is graded based on the values of those stats, and then it is weighed against every other item that has been entered into the database. The higher the percentile of your item’s rarity, the more valuable it is. The lower the percentile, the less valuable it is. There will also be a link back to our price check forums for valuation should you require it.

Just like our Price Check tool, Charsi Food is being updated constantly. So check back to find more features.


A huge thanks to the community from myself and Rush for all their feedback since we launched this tool. It’s been a fantastic help and please do keep your suggestions coming as we head toward the launch of the ladder season.


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We've been bust adding new features based on community feedback. Find out what's new.

Check out the full article

I miss the numeric values for high/low that used to be attached to the item prices.

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The numeric values are still the same values. We've just taken the hassle out of people having to convert them to runes and so they no longer have to view each individual item to see what the numeric value translates as to runes.

Numeric values will still be plotted on the history of each item but we need to see some price changes first to tweak and test this.

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