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Diablo 1 DevilutionX 1.3.0 released

DevilutionX 1.3.0 released

While most of you will be firmly engrossed in Diablo 2 Resurrected, if you’re looking for some more nostalgia, a new version of DevilutionX has been released. If you’re not familiar with DevilutionX, it’s described as :

DevilutionX is a source port of Diablo and Hellfire that strives to make it simple to run the game while providing engine improvements, bugfixes, and some optional quality of life features.

DevilutionX 1.3.0 is now available for download and now includes loads of extras including

  • Added support for Android (leave us a review 🤗)
  • Added support for the original Nintendo 3DS
  • Added support for Lepus
  • Added multiplayer support to Nintendo Switch
  • Added multiplayer support to Nintendo 3DS
  • Added multiplayer support to PlayStation Vita
  • Added multiplayer support to OpenDingux
  • Support for 12 languages
  • Auto-detect location of MPQ files from GOG installation
  • Added built-in support for ZeroTier (no need for port forwarding, no need for an extra application)
  • Added support for unencrypted public games
  • Added auto-discovery of public games over ZeroTier

These are just a few of the updates which also include a load of bug fixes and new features. The latest update is available right now on Github.

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