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Guide:Level 1 Rushing, by Skihard

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This guide details a method to rush level 1 characters to hell in D2C (Diablo II Classic). This is useful for quicker rune farming, since v1.10+ D2X requires characters to have finished various quests before they can advance to higher difficulty levels. There is no such requirement in D2C, and the Hell accessing D2C characters can then be converted to D2X characters who are able to join Hell games at level 1. (Source.)

Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:


The biggest part of rushing a level 1 to Hell is in the character doing the rushing and the version of the game you are using Classic vs Expansion. I’ll start with the way I always did it.

Classic Rushing

At the beginning of every new ladder, I started by making a Classic Blizz/Ball Sorc concentrated on surviving not MF’ing. I would level this Sorc until she could clear normal and NM with out a problem. Generally speaking Level 36 was good for Normal and Level 67 was good for NM. Classic forum has all the info on speed leveling this character. You will want to get the Sorc to Level 76 minimum to take out Hell Andy and Duriel but that is on you.

So now you have a level 67-76 Blizz/Ball Sorc but what to do with her. Well what I generally do is use her to rush level 1’s. Because you don’t have the level 20 limit in Classic you can easily rush a level 1 all the way to Hell. There are 2 things however you want to be aware of.

1. You have to make it to act 2 Hell for the level 1 Mule to be in Hell once you convert to expansion. 2. DO NOT do Countess or the Hellforge for any character while in Classic.

Side note, although you only have to get to act 2 to be in act 1 Hell after conversion I’ve always taken them to act 3 because I’ve found that everything you run into in act 2 Classic is easier to defeat than it is in act 2 Expansion. I’ve also noticed that as long as I’m equipped as a killing sorc not an MF’ing sorc that a lot of socket items drop. Duriel, in my experience loves to drop socketed pole arms in Hell. Elite socketed pole arms have value in Expansion, the right ones have a lot of value.

Rune Farming

Well now you have many accounts filled with level 1 mules that have been rushed to Act 3 Hell Classic but what to do with them, well now would be the time to convert them to Expansion. Now you have many accounts filled with level 1 mules in expansion and a choice to make. Convert your Sorc or build a new rusher. I’ve done it both ways and now simply convert the rusher. The reason is that I’ve filled up at least 3 accounts with level 1 mules, doing some quick math that means I get 24 NM & 24 Hell Helforges and Countess runs for quest. With that number of helforges and Countess’s you should get plenty of good runes.

I personally always name one of my Mules xxxxx_Runes & xxxxx_Gems, these become my storage mules for the huge number of Runes and Perfect gems I end up with at the end of about 5 weeks into the new ladder.


Rushing a level 1 to Hell in expansion is all in know one simple thing.

Every quest (but Ancients) is received by every member of a party sitting in town as long as another party member is getting the quest where the killing is taking place.

So if you have a level 1 sitting in town (act 5) partied with a level 20+ getting Normal Baal quest, your level one also gets that quest. Level 1 in act 5 town NM partied with level 40+ getting NM Baal gets NM Baal quest.

This holds true for Andy, Duriel, Council, Meph, Izzy, Diablo, Shenk, Anya, and Baal. So all of the must have quests also works for Cave, Radiment, the Bird & the Book which are must for those low level duelers.

Hope this helps everyone with the rushing and the Farming of Runes, now go flood the market with your self found non-poofing runes.