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TC 33-60 1.10

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Here are the Treasure Classes 33-60. Items with a qlvl of 31-33 belong to Treasure Class 33, items with a qlvl of 34-36 belong to Treasure Class 36, etc.

The relative frequency that an item drops is:

  • 6 for most weapons
  • 4 for claw weapons
  • 3 for most armor
  • 2 for wands, staves, scepters, and class-specific weapons
  • 1 for class-specific armor

The odds that an item will be dropped when there is a drop from a Treasure Class is that item's frequency divided by the sum of frequencies of all the items in the Treasure Class.

This page will be finished in time.

Treasure Class 33

Barbed Club (qlvl 31)6/90Fleshrender (qlvl 46)None
Battle Dart (qlvl 31)6/90Deathbit (qlvl 52)none
Burnt Wand (qlvl 31)2/90Suicide Branch (qlvl 41)none
Demonhide Gloves (qlvl 33)3/90Venom Grip (qlvl 37)none
Glowing Orb Sorc-only (qlvl 32)2/90nonenone
Gothic Plate (qlvl 32)3/90Rattlecage (qlvl 39)Sigon's Shelter (qlvl 9)
Great Maul (qlvl 32)6/90Steeldriver (qlvl 39)none
Great Sword (qlvl 33)6/90The Patriarch (qlvl 39)none
Hatchet (qlvl 31)6/90Coldkill (qlvl 44)none
Jawbone Visor Barb-only (qlvl 33)1/90nonenone
Lochaber Axe (qlvl 33)6/90The Meat Scraper (qlvl 49)none
Long War Bow (qlvl 31)6/90Blastbark (qlvl 38)none
Mummified Trophy Necro-only (qlvl 33)1/90nonenone
Poignard (qlvl 31)6/90Spineripper (qlvl 40)none
Rancid Gas Potion (qlvl 32)6/90nonenone
Razor Bow (qlvl 33)6/90Riphook (qlvl 39)none
Repeating Crossbow (qlvl 33)6/90Doomslinger (qlvl 38)none
Rune Scepter (qlvl 31)2/90Zakarum's Hand (qlvl 45)none
War Spear(qlvl 33)6/90The Impaler (qlvl 39)none
Wrist Spike Asn-only (qlvl 32)4/90nonenone

Treasure Class 36

Akaran Targe Pal-only (qlvl 35)1/97nonenone
Alpha Helm Druid-only (qlvl 35)1/97nonenone
Arbalest (qlvl 34)6/97Langer Briser (qlvl 40)none
Cedar Bow (qlvl 35)6/97Kuko Shakaku (qlvl 41)none
Ceremonial Javelin Ama-only (qlvl 35)2/97Titan's Revenge (qlvl 50)none
Cleaver (qlvl 34)6/97The Butcher's Pupil (qlvl 47)none
Defender (qlvl 34)3/97Viscerataunt (qlvl 36)none
Demonhide Boots (qlvl 36)3/97Infernostride (qlvl 37)Rite of Passage (qlvl 39)
Demonhide Sash (qlvl 36)3/97String of Ears (qlvl 37)none
Fascia Asn-only (qlvl 36)4/97nonenone
Flanged Mace (qlvl 35)6/97Sureshrill Frost (qlvl 47)none
Francisca (qlvl 34)6/97The Scalper (qlvl 65)none
Fuscina (qlvl 36)6/97Kelpie Snare (qlvl 41)none
Ghost Armor (qlvl 34)3/97The Spirit Shroud (qlvl 36)none
Light Plate (qlvl 35)3/97Heavenly Garb(qlvl 39)Arcanna's Flesh (qlvl 20)
Military Axe (qlvl 34)6/97Warlord's Trust (qlvl 43)none
Partizan (qlvl 35)6/97Pierre Tombale Couant (qlvl 51)none
Quarterstaff (qlvl 35)2/97Ribcracker (qlvl 39)none
Rondel (qlvl 36)6/97Heart Carver (qlvl 44)none
Serpentskin Armor (qlvl 36)3/97Skin of the Vipermagi (qlvl 37)none
Shamshir (qlvl 35)6/97Hexfire (qlvl 41)none
War Hat (qlvl 34)3/97Peasant Crown (qlvl 36)Cow King's Horns (qlvl 20)
War Scythe (qlvl 34)6/97The Grim Reaper (qlvl 39)none

Treasure Class 39

Ashwood Bow Ama-only (qlvl 39)2/91nonenone
Bearded Axe (qlvl 38)6/91Spellsteel (qlvl 47)none
Bill (qlvl 37)6/91Blackleech Blade (qlvl 50)Hwanin's Justice (qlvl 28)
Cedar Staff (qlvl 38)2/91Chromatic Ire (qlvl 43)none
Crystalline Globe Sorc-only (qlvl 37)2/91nonenone
Demonhide Armor (qlvl 39)3/91Skin of the Flayed One (qlvl 39)none
Dimensional Blade (qlvl 37)6/91Ginther's Rift (qlvl 45)none
Double Bow (qlvl 39)6/91Endlesshail (qlvl 44)none
Espandon (qlvl 37)6/91Crainte Vomir (qlvl 50)none
Fetish Trophy Necro-only (qlvl 39)1/91nonenone
Full Plate (qlvl 37)3/91Goldskin (qlvl 38)Tancred's Spine (qlvl 27)
Great Pilum (qlvl 37)6/91nonenone
Jagged Star (qlvl 39)6/91Moonfall (qlvl 50)Aldur's Rhythm (qlvl 29)
Lion Helm Barb-only (qlvl 38)1/91nonenone
Petrified Wand (qlvl 38)2/91Cairn Shard (qlvl 43)none
Round Shield (qlvl 37)3/91Moser's Blessed Circle (qlvl 39)Whitstan's Guard (qlvl 41)
Sallet (qlvl 37)3/91Rockstopper (qlvl 39)none
Sharkskin Belt (qlvl 39)3/91Razortail (qlvl 39)M'avina's Tenet (qlvl 21)
Sharkskin Boots (qlvl 39)3/91Waterwalk (qlvl 40)none
Sharkskin Gloves (qlvl 39)3/91Gravepalm (qlvl 39)Magnus' Skin (qlvl 41)
Tulwar (qlvl 37)6/91Blade of Ali Baba (qlvl 43)none
Twin Axe (qlvl 39)6/91Islestrike (qlvl 51)none
War Dart (qlvl 39)6/91nonenone

Treasure Class 42

Akaran Rondache Pal-only (qlvl 40)1/84nonenone
Ancient Armor (qlvl 40)3/84Silks of the Victor (qlvl 38)Milabrega's Robe (qlvl 23)
Barbed Shield (qlvl 42)3/84Lance Guard (qlvl 43)none
Battle Scythe (qlvl 40)6/84Athena's Wrath (qlvl 50)none
Battle Sword (qlvl 40)6/84Headstriker (qlvl 47)none
Casque (qlvl 42)3/84Stealskull (qlvl 43)none
Cinquedeas (qlvl 42)6/84Blackbog's Sharp (qlvl 46)none
Cloudy Sphere Sorc-only (qlvl 41)2/84nonenone
Dacian Falx (qlvl 42)6/84Bing Sz Wang (qlvl 51)none
Gothic Staff (qlvl 42)2/84Warpspear (qlvl 47)none
Griffon Headdress Druid-only (qlvl 40)1/84nonenone
Hand Scythe Asn-only (qlvl 41)4/84nonenone
Holy Water Sprinkler (qlvl 40)2/84The Fetid Sprinkler (qlvl 46)none
Hurlbat (qlvl 41)6/84nonenone
Linked Mail (qlvl 42)3/84Spirit Forge (qlvl 43)none
Scutum (qlvl 43)3/84Stormchaser (qlvl 40)none
Siege Crossbow (qlvl 40)6/84Pus Spitter (qlvl 44)none
Simbilan (qlvl 40)6/84nonenone
Tabar (qlvl 42)6/84Stormrider (qlvl 49)none
Trellised Armor (qlvl 40)3/84Ironpelt (qlvl 41)none
War Fork (qlvl 41)6/84Soulfeast Tine (qlvl 43)none

Treasure Class 45