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TC 3-30 1.10

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Here are the Treasure Classes 3-30. Items with an qlvl of 1-3 belong to Treasure Class 3, items with a qlvl of 4-6 belong to Treasure Class 6, etc.

The relative frequency that an item drops is:

  • 6 for most weapons
  • 4 for claw weapons
  • 3 for most armor
  • 2 for wands, staves, scepters, and class-specific weapons
  • 1 for class-specific armor

The odds that an item will be dropped when there is a drop from a Treasure Class is that item's frequency divided by the sum of frequencies of all the items in the Treasure Class.

Treasure Class 3

Buckler (Qlvl 1)3/75Pelta Lunata (Qlvl 3)Hsarus' Iron Fist (Qlvl 4)
Cap (Qlvl 1)3/75Biggin's Bonnet (Qlvl 4)Infernal Cranium (Qlvl 7)
Sander's Paragon (Qlvl 20)
Club (Qlvl 1)6/75Felloak (Qlvl 4)None
Dagger (Qlvl 3)6/75Gull (Qlvl 6)None
Eagle Orb Sorc-only (Qlvl 1)2/75NoneNone
Hand Axe (Qlvl 3)6/75The Gnasher (Qlvl 7)None
Javelin (Qlvl 1)6/75NoneNone
Katar Asn-only (Qlvl 1)4/75NoneNone
Leather Armor (Qlvl 3)3/75Blinkbat's Form (Qlvl 16)Vidala's Ambush (Qlvl 19)
Boots (Qlvl 3)3/75Hotspur (Qlvl 7)Tancred's Hobnails (Qlvl 27)
Leather Gloves (Qlvl 3)3/75Hand of Broc (Qlvl 7)Death's Hand (Qlvl 8)
Quilted Armor (Qlvl 1)3/75Greyform (Qlvl 10)Arctic Furs (Qlvl 3)
Sash (Qlvl 3)3/75Lenymo (Qlvl 10)Death's Guard (Qlvl 8)
Scepter (Qlvl 3)2/75Knell Striker (Qlvl 7)None
Short Bow (Qlvl 1)6/75Pluckeye (Qlvl 10)None
Short Staff (Qlvl 1)2/75Bane Ash (Qlvl 7)None
Short Sword (Qlvl 1)6/75Rixot's Keen (Qlvl 3)None
Throwing Knife (Qlvl 2)6/75NoneNone
Wand (Qlvl 2)2/75Torch of Iro (Qlvl 7)None

Treasure Class 6

Bardiche (Qlvl 5)6/61Dimoak's Hue (Qlvl 11)None
Fulminating Potion (Qlvl 4)6/61NoneNone
Hard Leather Armor (Qlvl 5)3/61The Centurian (Qlvl 19)None
Hunter's Bow (Qlvl 5)6/61Witherstring (Qlvl 18)None
Jawbone Cap Barb-only (Qlvl 4)1/61NoneNone
Large Axe (Qlvl 6)6/61Axe of Fechmar (Qlvl 11)None
Light Crossbow (Qlvl 6)6/61Leadcrow (Qlvl 12)None
Preserved Head Necro-only (Qlvl 4)1/61NoneNone
Scimitar (Qlvl 5)6/61Blood Crescent (Qlvl 10)None
Skull Cap (Qlvl 5)3/61Tarnhelm (Qlvl 20)Arcanna's Head (Qlvl 20)
Small Shield (Qlvl 5)3/61Umbral Disk (Qlvl 12)Cleglaw's Claw (Qlvl 6)
Spear (Qlvl 5)6/61The Dragon Chang (Qlvl 11)None
Spiked Club (Qlvl 4)6/61Stoutnail (Qlvl 7)None
Targe Pal-only (Qlvl 4)1/61NoneNone
Wolf Head Druid-only (Qlvl 4)1/61NoneNone

Treasure Class 9

Axe (Qlvl 7)6/72Deathspade (Qlvl 12)None
Dirk (Qlvl 9)6/72The Diggler (Qlvl 15)None
Fanged Helm Barb-only (Qlvl 8)1/72NoneNone
Hawk Helm Druid-only (Qlvl 8)1/72NoneNone
Heavy Boots (Qlvl 7)3/72Gorefoot (Qlvl 12)Cow King's Hooves (Qlvl 20)
Sander's Riprap (Qlvl 20)
Heavy Gloves (Qlvl 7)3/72Bloodfist (Qlvl 12)Sander's Taboo (Qlvl 20)
Light Belt (Qlvl 7)3/72Snakecord (Qlvl 16)Arctic Binding (Qlvl 3)
Long Bow (Qlvl 8)6/72Raven's Claw (Qlvl 20)None
Long Staff (Qlvl 8)2/72Serpent Lord (Qlvl 12)None
Mace (Qlvl 8)6/72Crushflange (Qlvl 12)None
Rondache Pal-only (Qlvl 8)1/72NoneNone
Saber (Qlvl 8)6/72Skewer of Krintiz (Qlvl 14)Angelic Sickle (Qlvl 17)
Sacred Globe Sorc-only (Qlvl 8)2/72NoneNone
Strangling Gas Potion (Qlvl 8)6/72NoneNone
Studded Leather (Qlvl 8)3/72Twitchthroe (Qlvl 22)Cow King's Hide (Qlvl 20)
Throwing Axe (Qlvl 7)6/72NoneNone
Trident (Qlvl 9)6/72Razortine (Qlvl 16)None
Wrist Blade Asn-only (Qlvl 9)4/72NoneNone
Zombie Head Necro-only (Qlvl 8)1/72NoneNone

Treasure Class 12

Belt (Qlvl 12)3/73Nightsmoke (Qlvl 27)Hsarus' Iron Stay (Qlvl 4)
Hwanin's Blessing (Qlvl 28)
Broad Axe (Qlvl 12)6/73Goreshovel (Qlvl 19)None
Chain Boots (Qlvl 12)3/73Treads of Cthon (Qlvl 20)Hsarus' Iron Heel (Qlvl 4)
Chain Gloves (Qlvl 12)3/73Chance Guards (Qlvl 20)Cleglaw's Pincers (Qlvl 6)
Composite Bow (Qlvl 12)6/73Rogue's Bow (Qlvl 27)None
Crystal Sword (Qlvl 11)6/73NoneNone
Falchion (Qlvl 11)6/73Gleamscythe (Qlvl 18)None
Gnarled Staff (Qlvl 12)2/73Spire of Lazarus (Qlvl 24)None
Hatchet Hands Asn-only (Qlvl 12)4/73NoneNone
Helm (Qlvl 11)3/73Coif of Glory (Qlvl 19)Berserker's Headgear (Qlvl 5)
Large Shield (Qlvl 11)3/73Stormguild (Qlvl 18)Civerb's Ward (Qlvl 13)
Pilum (Qlvl 10)6/73NoneNone
Ring Mail (Qlvl 11)6/73Darkglow (Qlvl 19)Angelic Mantle (Qlvl 17)
Smoked Sphere Sorc-only (Qlvl 12)2/73NoneNone
Spiked Shield (Qlvl 11)3/73Swordback Hold (Qlvl 20)None
Two-Handed Sword (Qlvl 10)6/73Shadowfang (Qlvl 16)None
Voulge (Qlvl 11)6/73Steelgoad (Qlvl 19)None
Yew Wand (Qlvl 12)2/73Maelstrom (Qlvl 19)None

Treasure Class 15

Balanced Knife (Qlvl 13)6/60NoneNone
Broad Sword (Qlvl 15)6/60Griswold's Edge (Qlvl 23)Isenhart's Lightbrand (Qlvl 11)
Cestus Asn-only (Qlvl 15)4/60NoneNone
Chain Mail (Qlvl 15)3/60Sparking Mail (Qlvl 23)Cathan's Mesh (Qlvl 15)
Crossbow (Qlvl 15)6/60Ichorsting (Qlvl 24)None
Double Axe (Qlvl 13)6/60Bladebone (Qlvl 20)Berserker's Hatchet (Qlvl 5)
Full Helm (Qlvl 15)3/60Duskdeep (Qlvl 23)Isenhart's Horns (Qlvl 11)
Grand Scepter (Qlvl 15)2/60Rusthandle (Qlvl 23)Civerb's Cudgel (Qlvl 13)
Kite Shield (Qlvl 15)3/60Steelclash (Qlvl 23)Milabrega's Orb (Qlvl 23)
Morning Star (Qlvl 13)6/60Bloodrise (Qlvl 20)None
Scale Mail (Qlvl 13)3/60Hawkmail (Qlvl 20)None
Scythe (Qlvl 15)6/60Soul Harvest (Qlvl 26)None
Short Spear (Qlvl 15)6/60NoneNone

Treasure Class 18

Antlers Druid-only (Qlvl 16)1/63NoneNone
Balanced Axe (Qlvl 16)6/63NoneNone
Battle Axe (Qlvl 17)6/63The Chieftan (Qlvl 26)None
Battle Staff (Qlvl 17)2/63The Salamander (Qlvl 28)Cathan's Rule (Qlvl 15)
Bone Wand (Qlvl 18)2/63Gravenspine (Qlvl 27)Sander's Superstition (Qlvl 20)
Brandistock (Qlvl 16)6/63Bloodthief (Qlvl 23)None
Breast Plate (Qlvl 18)3/63Venomward (Qlvl 27)Isenhart's Case (Qlvl 11)
Clasped Orb Sorc-only (Qlvl 17)2/63NoneNone
Claws Asn-only (Qlvl 18)4/63NoneNone
Claymore (Qlvl 17)6/63Soulflay (Qlvl 26)None
Exploding Potion (Qlvl 16)6/63NoneNone
Heraldic Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 16)1/63NoneNone
Horned Helm Barb-only (Qlvl 16)1/63NoneNone
Kris (Qlvl 17)6/63The Jade Tan Do (Qlvl 26)None
Maiden Spear Ama-only (Qlvl 18)2/63NoneNone
Short Battle Bow (Qlvl 18)6/63Stormstrike (Qlvl 34)None
Stag Bow Ama-only (Qlvl 18)2/63NoneNone
Unraveller Head Necro-only (Qlvl 16)1/63NoneNone

Treasure Class 21

Aerin Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 20)1/76NoneNone
Assault Helmet Barb-only (Qlvl 20)1/76NoneNone
Blade Talons Asn-only (Qlvl 21)4/76NoneNone
Bone Shield (Qlvl 19)3/76Wall of the Eyeless (Qlvl 27)None
Choking Gas Potion (Qlvl 20)6/76NoneNone
Falcon Mask Druid-only (Qlvl 20)1/76NoneNone
Flail (Qlvl 19)6/76The General's Tan Do Li Gai (Qlvl 28)None
Gargoyle Head Necro-only (Qlvl 20)1/76NoneNone
Giant Sword (Qlvl 21)6/76Kinemil's Awl (Qlvl 31)None
Heavy Belt (Qlvl 20)3/76Goldwrap (Qlvl 36)Infernal Sign (Qlvl 7)
Iratha's Cord (Qlvl 21)
Light Gauntlets (Qlvl 20)3/76Magefist (Qlvl 31)Arctic Mitts (Qlvl 3)
Iratha's Cuff (Qlvl 21)
Light Plated Boots (Qlvl 20)3/76Goblin Toe (Qlvl 30)Vidala's Fetlock (Qlvl 19)
Long Sword (Qlvl 20)6/76Hellplague (Qlvl 30)Cleglaw's Tooth (Qlvl 6)
Mask (Qlvl 19)3/76Face of Horror (Qlvl 27)Cathan's Visage (Qlvl 15)
Maul (Qlvl 21)6/76Bonesnap (Qlvl 32)None
Military Pick (Qlvl 19)6/76Skull Splitter (Qlvl 28)Tancred's Crowbill (Qlvl 27)
Poleaxe (Qlvl 21)6/76The Battlebranch (Qlvl 34)None
Spetum (Qlvl 20)6/76Lance of Yaggai (Qlvl 30)None
Splint Mail (Qlvl 20)3/76Iceblink (Qlvl 30)Berserker's Hauberk (Qlvl 5)
War Scepter (Qlvl 21)2/76Stormeye (Qlvl 31)Milabrega's Rod (Qlvl 23)

Treasure Class 24

Avenger Guard Barb-only (Qlvl 24)1/71NoneImmortal King's Will (Qlvl 37)
Bastard Sword (Qlvl 24)6/71Blacktongue (Qlvl 35)None
Blade (Qlvl 23)6/71Spectral Shard (Qlvl 34)None
Bone Helm (Qlvl 22)3/71Wormskull (Qlvl 28)Tancred's Skull (Qlvl 27)
Circlet (Qlvl 24)3/71NoneNaj's Circlet (Qlvl 43)
Crown Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 24)1/71NoneNone
Demon Head Necro-only (Qlvl 24)1/71NoneNone
Glaive (Qlvl 23)6/71NoneNone
Great Axe (Qlvl 23)6/71Brainhew (Qlvl 34)None
Great Helm (Qlvl 23)3/71Howltusk (Qlvl 34)Sigon's Visor (Qlvl 9)
Heavy Crossbow (Qlvl 24)6/71Hellcast (Qlvl 36)None
Jared's Stone Sorc-only (Qlvl 24)2/71NoneNone
Long Battle Bow (Qlvl 23)6/71Wizendraw (Qlvl 35)Vidala's Barb (Qlvl 19)
Maiden Javelin Ama-only (Qlvl 23)2/71NoneNone
Pike (Qlvl 24)6/71The Tannr Gorerod (Qlvl 36)None
Plate Mail (Qlvl 24)3/71Boneflesh (Qlvl 35)None
Scissors Katar Asn-only (Qlvl 24)4/71NoneNone
Spirit Mask Druid-only (Qlvl 24)1/71NoneNone
Tower Shield (Qlvl 22)3/71Bverrit Keep (Qlvl 26)Sigon's Guard (Qlvl 9)
War Staff (Qlvl 24)2/71The Iron Jang Bong (Qlvl 38)Arcanna's Deathwand (Qlvl 20)

Treasure Class 27

Flamberge (Qlvl 27)6/51Ripsaw (Qlvl 35)None
Gauntlets (Qlvl 27)3/51Frostburn (Qlvl 39)Sigon's Gage (Qlvl 9)
Giant Axe (Qlvl 27)6/51Humongous (Qlvl 39)None
Greaves (Qlvl 27)3/51Tearhaunch (Qlvl 39)Sigon's Sabot (Qlvl 9)
Grim Wand (Qlvl 26)2/51Ume's Lament (Qlvl 38)Infernal Torch (Qlvl 7)
Maiden Pike Ama-only (Qlvl 27)2/51NoneNone
Plated Belt (Qlvl 27)3/51Bladebuckle (Qlvl 39)Sigon's Wrap (Qlvl 9)
Reflex Bow Ama-only (Qlvl 27)2/51NoneNone
Short War Bow (Qlvl 27)6/51Hellclap (Qlvl 36)Arctic Horn (Qlvl 3)
War Axe (Qlvl 25)6/51Rakescar (Qlvl 36)None
War Hammer (Qlvl 25)6/51Ironstone (Qlvl 36)None
War Sword (Qlvl 27)6/51Culwen's Point (Qlvl 39)Death's Touch (Qlvl 8)

Treasure Class 30

Crown (Qlvl 29)3/57Undead Crown (Qlvl 39)Iratha's Coil (Qlvl 21)
Milabrega's Diadem (Qlvl 23)
Cudgel (Qlvl 30)6/57Dark Clan Crusher (Qlvl 42)None
Edge Bow (Qlvl 30)6/57Skystrike (Qlvl 36)None
Field Plate (Qlvl 28)3/57Rockfleece (Qlvl 38)None
Gladius (Qlvl 30)6/57Bloodletter (Qlvl 38)None
Gothic Shield (Qlvl 30)3/57The Ward (Qlvl 35)Isenhart's Parry (Qlvl 11)
Halberd (Qlvl 29)6/57Woestave (Qlvl 38)None
Jo Staff (Qlvl 30)2/57Razorswitch (Qlvl 36)None
Oil Potion (Qlvl 28)6/57NoneNone
Quhab Asn-only (Qlvl 28)4/57NoneNone
Throwing Spear (Qlvl 29)6/57NoneNone
War Javelin (Qlvl 30)6/57NoneNone