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Normal Act 3

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You have arrived at the jungle port of Kurast.

Kurast Docks


The items sold have an ilvl of ??? with a cap of ilvl ???. Only magic items are sold. (Socketed items are not sold here.)

(The lists here may be incomplete and need confirmation.)


He sells the best armor and weapons and repairs items.

The types of armor he sells are:
Great Helm, Chain Mail, Breast Plate, Splint Mail, Plate Mail, Field Plate, Kite Shield, Tower Shield

The types of weapons he sells are:
Military Pick, War Axe, Battle Axe, Great Axe, Giant Axe, War Hammer, Maul, Broad Sword, Long Sword, War Sword, Giant Sword, Bastard Sword, Flamberge, Blade, Scythe, Kris, Hatchet Hands, Claws, Blade Talons

The miscellaneous items he sells are:
Keys, Bolts, Arrows


He sells magical items and heals.

The types of armor he sells are:
Mask, Bone Helm

The types of weapons he sells are:
Yew Wand, Bone Wand, Grim Wand, Grand Scepter, War Scepter, Scythe, Crystal Sword, Long Staff, Gnarled Staff, Battle Staff.

The miscellaneous items he sells are:
Tome of Town Portal, Tome of Identify, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Identify, Minor, Light and Healing potions, Minor, Light and Mana potions.


She sells lower quality armor and weapons than Hratli.

The types of armor she sells are:
Helm, Great Helm, Chain Mail, Breast Plate, Belt, Small Shield, Large Shield, Chain Gloves, Light Gauntlets, Gauntlets, Chain Boots, Light Plated Boots

The types of weapons she sells are:
Balanced Axe, Balanced Knife, Broad Sword, Claymore, Dirk, Brandistock, Spetum, Scythe, Short Battle Bow, Long Battle Bow, Crossbow, Claws, Blade Talons

The miscellaneous items she sells are:
Bolts, Arrows

She will hire to you a sorcerer mercenary, one of the Iron Wolves. The sorcerers can be equiped with armor, helms, shields and swords. There are three types of sorcerer:

  • Fire - Inferno or Fireball
  • Lightning - Charged Bold and Lightning Bolt
  • Cold - Glacial Spike, Ice Blast and Frozen Armor

For full details on mercenaries see the Mercenaries topic.


He sells potions (Stamina, Antidote, Thawing). He also provides gambling to characters.

Other NPC's


She offers vague advice.

Deckard Cain

He identifies items for you.


He can take you back to Act 2, but it is easier to use the way points.