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Median XL Mercenaries

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Mercenaries, hirelings - gotta love 'em. Median XL has not forgotten about these trusty allies, and they have been given a much-needed makeover in order for them to continue serving you well.

Basic tips
  • Damage is good, but a dead mercenary deals none. Therefore, don't forget to equip them with gear that has good defence and resistances.
  • The Act 3 mercenaries already have high energy and energy factor, so to really amp up their damage output give them gear with +x% to Spell Damage, -x% to Enemy Resistances, and +x to All Skills. Elemental damage buffs like Bloodlust and Elemental Totem also help them.
  • Sometimes a mercenary will stop doing anything. A known game (not mod) bug which occasionally happens when you walk. To fix this, simply use a town portal.
  • Mercenaries need a little time to warm up into their battle mindset - don't worry if they seem to start slowly.

The Sisters

Weakened by the prolonged siege, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye may not be in fighting condition. But help them liberate the Monastery and watch them rise and shine.


Starts with 30 energy; +6 energy per level
Defensive Harmony - slows attackers by 25%, +1% per 5 levels

  • Ranger
Level Skill Effect
1 Cascade shoots arrows at all nearby enemies
12 Vanquish briefly increases physical damage
24 Wraith Arrow arrow that unleashes homing spirits
24 Broadside fires a massive stream of arrows at nearby enemies
90 War Spirit adds crushing blow and automatically casts spike novas

  • Priestess
Level Skill Effect
1 Barrage shoots arrows in random directions
12 Blood Tide Totem totem: increases max hp by a percentage
24 Vindicate curse: heals party and increases damage when victim dies
24 Deathstrike mercenary shoots her bow and calls down an energy blast
90 Tremor all visible enemies lose 25% of their current hp

The Town Guard

Several trading routes converge at Lut Gholein, the jewel of the East. When the demons blocked access over land and the kraken nested in the port, travelling merchants, mystics and warriors were forced to take up arms to replace the dwindling numbers of town guards.


Starts with 20 energy; +4 energy per level
Suppression - crushing blow 25%, +1% per 5 levels
Grit - damage reduced by 20%, +1% per 5 levels

  • Exemplar
Level Skill Effect
1 Retaliate retaliates when struck with a damaging shockwave
1 Retribute retaliates when struck by lowering resistances by -25%
6 Lifeblood slowly regenerates lost life over time
12 King of Blades automatically casts bouncing blades at nearby enemies
90 Disintegrate destructive blast of physical and magic damage

  • Shapeshifter
Level Skill Effect
1 Werebear turns into a bear, increasing life and armour
1 Claw Tornado melee attack that sends out spinning whirlwinds
6 Bloodlust increases all damage of the party
12 Pounce teleport into an enemy, causing a powerful shockwave
90 Thorn Field melee attack that summons a ripple of spiked thorns

  • Fighter Mage
Level Skill Effect
1 Titan Strike melee attack that heals and increases stats
1 Guard Tower summons a guard tower that shoots arrows at enemies
6 Glacial Nova casts a gigantic nova that completely freezes enemies
12 Fortress summons a ring of guard towers around the mercenary
90 Time Field field that slows the movement and attack speed of enemies

The Iron Wolves

Kehjistan is the wellspring of magic. This is where the first magically attuned hunter-gatherers settled at ley nodes and founded the primeval mage clans. Their distant sons of seventh sons will not give up the ley nodes to the forces of Hell without giving them hell first!


Starts with 200 energy; +20 energy per level
Unearthly Power - +250 energy factor to spell damage, +5 per level
Warp Armor - total defence +100%, +1% per level

  • Bloodmage
Level Skill Effect
1 Flamefront casts a wave of multiple streaking fireballs
1 Punisher slow moving bolt that deals lethal poison damage
12 Gift of Inner Fire instantly regenerates the party's lost life
24 Pyroblast giant fireball that explodes in a pool of flame
90 Liche Form mercenary turns invulnerable and shoots Punishers around

  • Necrolyte
Level Skill Effect
1 Hunting Banshee spirit follows random targets before exploding
1 Charm converts enemies to fight other enemies
12 Hex curse: damage and spell damage boost when victim hits you
24 Hailstorm rains deadly cold on target enemy
90 Venomous Spirit casts a powerful homing spirit of lethal poison

  • Abjurer
Level Skill Effect
1 Forked Lightning casts multiple forked lightning bolts
1 Banish curse: reduces monster life by a percentage
12 Starfire web of magical energy that reduces enemy resistances
24 Supernova casts a gigantic nova of lightning
90 Superbeast morph into a demon, gain spell damage and speed

The Barbarians

Considered uncivilised man-beasts by some, sons of the nephalem by others, the only reason why few outsiders have reported their considerable shamanic prowess is because they were usually at the receiving end of it.


Starts with 10 energy; +2 energy per level
Mountain King - +20% bonus to strength and dexterity, +1% per 10 levels

  • Barbarian
Level Skill Effect
1 Gift of the Wild increases all damage of the party
12 Thunder Slam damages and stuns enemies in a radius
18 Shower of Rocks melee attack that drops rocks that reduce physical resist
60 Ancients' Hand melee attack that unleashes a shockwave through the ground
90 Warband summons a barbarian army

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