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The Diablo 2 Wiki archive is available for anyone looking for information on Diablo 2. All information here is pre-D2R but contains a lot of useful information that is still relevant. Updated sections for new D2R features can be found on the PureDiablo Diablo 2 section

From Diablo 2 Wiki was created by Elly and Rush, and was born in 1997, as an updated, Diablo 2-themed version of an earlier page that had focused on Diablo and Hellfire. Writer and content contributors Flux and Gaile joined the effort in 1998 and 1999, respectively, and along with numerous contributors from the community, built what many fans considered to be the best single-game website on the Internet. grew hugely busy during the early 2000s, when Diablo 2 and its expansion were popular, and the site maintained a high popularity all through the 00s. In mid-2008 the site was redesigned and upgraded, and reborn as, with a primary focus on Diablo III.

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