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Command.txt is a text file placed in the Hellfire directory that enables the hidden characters, quests, and multiplayer mode in Hellfire v1.01. A few steps are required to enable it, and the other secret features in Hellfire.

Unlocking the Undocumented Features

You must have hellfire installed on your machine before any of the following will do you any good. We do not have information about where you can obtain Hellfire. Neither Sierra nor Blizzard sell it through their online store, it is not part of the Diablo Battlechest, and few stores will have the game in stock at this time. You can find used copies through and other game retailers, but they are usually expensive. Checking might be your best bet, or finding someone to borrow it from. You do not need the Hellfire CD to run the game, once it's installed.

  1. Download this file (640k, zip) hosted by the Unofficial Diablo Site. It contains:
    1. Sierra's official Hellfire v1.01 patch (also can be downloaded directly from the Sierra site).
    2. The hacked hellfrui.dll you need to enable multiplayer in Hellfire v1.01.
    3. The command.txt file.
  2. Open the zip and run hf101.exe to upgrade to the Hellfire v1.01 patch.
  3. Extract hellfrui.dll and command.txt to your hellfire folder (C:/sierra/hellfire by default). Hellfrui.dll will overwrite the original version (this is what enables multiplayer).
  4. That's it. The Bard, Barbarian, the Theo quest, Cow quest, and multiplayer are now enabled.

Command.txt Editing

If you wish to disable any of the features enabled by the command.txt, simply delete the mention of that item in the code. For instance, if you wanted to not include the silly cow suit quest, just remove that portion from the code, turning this:


into this:


Be sure you don't change the spacing or leave an extra semicolon. These values are checked when the program initiates, so if you wish to change something, you'll have to exit Hellfire, save the change, and then restart.