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Blood Jewelry

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Blood Rings require: Magical ring + Sol Rune + 1 Perfect Ruby + 1 magical Jewel. The preset mods are 1-4% life leech, +10-20 life, 5-10% Faster Run.

The top ring cheats the Clvl req for that much leech: it must have gotten 3 or 4% preset, and 3 or 4% randomly. Normally a 7% life leech ring would be Clvl 65, on a rare or magical. The rest of the mods aren't that great, but that's the luck of the draw.

The bottom ring got terrible life leech as a preset mod, but had 3 great random mods, with the strength, and big lightning and fire res. This one would be useful for any class that needed the res and strength, so you could use it on a sorcy or necro without worrying about wasting the leech.