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Diablo 4 Systems and Features Panel BlizzCon 2019

Classes David Kim – Lead Systems  Designer Let’s talk a little bit about the three classes. The Sorceress is the master of magic she is your fragile caster class that deals high magical damage from a distance. So as you can see (from the gameplay footage) there is a good mix of  returning skills as well as brand new skills. One of my favourites is this conduit skill, whenever you use it you’re invulnerable, you’ll…

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Diablo 4 Reveal Panel Blizzcon 2019

    Diablo 4 Reveal Panel ~ BlizzCon, 1 November 2019 Luis Barriga : Diablo 4 takes place decades after the events of Reaper of Souls. Though Malthael’s plans were foiled, the Angel of Death exacted a terrible toll on humanity and Sanctuary suffered grave devastation. Entire populations decimated, cities ravaged, heaven itself suffered great great losses causing them to shutter their gates. You can imagine what that does to people. Religious schisms, famine, war,…

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Diablo Press Desk

The Diablo Press Desk highlights all the major announcements and information for Diablo IV, Diablo 2 Resurrected, and the Diablo franchise going right back to Diablo 1. This list is updated as soon as new information about Diablo IV, Diablo 2 Resurrected or other important Blizzard news is released. The Diablo Press Desk list below also includes press coverage from other media outlets and it’s worth checking regularly to make sure you don’t miss any…

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blizzard logo Diablo IV Still The Biggest Online Gaming Service

Blizzard Entertainment’s online game service,, continues to gain momentum as the world’s largest Internet playing venue. Since the beginning of the year, the number of active users has surged to more than 2.1 million and usage has increased by 50 percent. The worldwide dominance of was recently highlighted by a weekend of record-breaking activity during which more than 675,000 games of “StarCraft: Brood War,” the company’s “StarCraft” expansion set, were logged. Over that…

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Blizzard Entertainment Unveils Diablo 2

ATLANTA, May 28 1998 — At the Electronic Entertainment Expo starting today, Blizzard Entertainment previewed for the first time Diablo II, the sequel to last year’s runaway hit Diablo.  The real-time game is currently slated for release next year. In Diablo II, players return to a dark world plagued by evil forces.  After possessing the body of the hero who defeated him, Diablo resumes his nefarious scheme to shackle humanity into unholy slavery by summoning…

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