BlizzConline Diablo Q&A Session Recap

BlizzConline Diablo Q&A

Taking part in the BlizzConline Diablo Q&A session was Rod Ferguson as host, Rob Gallerani, Wyatt Cheng, Luis Barriga. Much of what was discussed has been already covered in the previous day’s game reveals but here’s a breakdown of the Q&A.

Diablo 4

  • Despite what you think, Rogues are not gender-locked. Male Rogues will simply be from another Rogue faction and not Sisters of the Sightless Eye.
  • Highlighting on monsters can be disabled.
  • Players should not expect damage multipliers to be in the “millions or billions”. They want to strike a “good balance”.
  • They are finding a balance between light and dark in the environments and some environments will have a “dark beauty”. Shifts in pop culture have made darker themes a lot more acceptable.
  • Druid builds will allow players to take a wolf of bear form for a longer period of time but will still revert to human form. No riding mounts as a bear.
  • Trading between players will be encouraged. Still figuring out their limitations. Direct player to player and clan bank.
  • Not every class will have their own set of class quests
  • Transmog is present.
  • No fishing.
  • Will have couch co-op.
  • Books and town portal scrolls.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • Cinematics are being remade and the visuals will be full 3D model as you would expect from a current Blizzard game.
  • There’s cross-progression as chars are saved on Bnet. There is no cross-play however.
  • Controller support for PC is there.
  • No couch co-op.
  • 8 players on Bnet and TCP/IP local connect. Everything you can do now remains.
  • More protection for bots and cheats thanks to modern BattleNet. Can’t guarantee it but they are going to do their best to stop it.
  • Player collision will still be there. Too hard to remove it without consequences in other areas away from the Maggot Lair for example.
  • The game will be based on the 1.14 current patch. It’s being used as the foundation.
  • Resolution 4323p on PC uncapped FPS, 2160p on next-gen consoles at 60FPS. 21:9 monitor is all fine.
  • Old framerate and breakpoint system – Old game ran on frames and not on time. Breakpoints have to be preserved so they throw more visual frames in.
  • No character import from old D2.
  • Chat links for items are included for trading but it’s essentially the same. More QOL in other words.
  • No new runewords.

Diablo Immortal

  • Tech alpha showed it felt like an authentic Diablo experience.
  • No progression resets like Diablo 3.
  • Lore is focused during a time between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 which is a 20 year period. Time walking will allow players to revisit key moments in Diablo’s history.
  • No release date set as yet. More testing still to come. Crusader and Necromancer still need to be added.
  • Lots of patch and content plans well after release. New zones, items, paragon trees, classes. Lots more to come.
  • Lots of stuff to do after story finished. There will be PvE goals, group-based PvP.
  • Guild vs Guild PvP will be there for bigger PvP engagements.
  • No support for 120Hz devices.
  • Release version will have Crusader and Necromancer.

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