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BlizzCon Schedule Live. Worst for Diablo yet

Blizzard was not kidding when they said they would have nothing for Diablo at this year’s BlizzCon. Both the Friday and Saturday schedules are out.

I have joked about the lack of Diablo coverage at BlizzCon in the past but this year Blizzard has come out fighting and put even less on show. Tucked away between all the eSports and WoW stuff are two tiny slivers of time slots for Diablo. You will be able to enjoy the following whole one hour of Diablo stuff over two days.

  • Friday 2:45 – 3:15 Diablo III – Visual Effects of the Necromancer
  • Saturday 2:45 – 3:15 Exploring Diablo’s Community

If there was ever a year not to buy a Virtual Ticket as a Diablo player it’s this year. One day my friends, one day, Diablo will be back in force. When that will be is anyone’s guess but don’t cancel any engagements while this year’s BlizzCon is on because there’s nothing to see.

If you want to check the schedule it’s can be found here, and in related news, there are more video previews now live some of which you can only watch with a virtual ticket.